6 thoughts on “LETTER: Candidate Joins Race for Councilor At-Large to Represent the Town He Has Always Called Home

  1. Good Luck Daniel, I believe you & I had the math / percentages conversation one time, look me up, so when your around in D12 make it a point to stop by, looking forward to it! thanks best wishes

  2. I’m so incredibly excited for this announcement. I know you will be an asset to Watertown and look forward to supporting your work!

  3. Danny will be a great addition to the town council. He’s devoted, smart, and knows many different types of families and people due to his long involvement in town soccer. I look forward to voting for him and hope others will do the same.

  4. Dan is a fantastic addition to the at large candidate pool!! He is exceptionally well qualified, passionate, trilingual, wonderful mentor to kids through the soccer program, including my own!

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