5 thoughts on “LETTER: Are There Plans for Helping Russo’s Employees After Store Closes?

  1. I myself don’t know, but surely they will get unemployment insurance.

    Plus, there appear to be plenty of grocery jobs available.

    I hope they all do well.

    Maybe they can get a cut of the $30 million that Russo’s got for the property.

    • There are 200,000 jobs available in Massachusetts right now. There are unemployment benefits available. There is work available if people want to work. I suspect Russo’s will help employees who are workers land on their feet.

  2. While I’m sure many of us hope that the employees will get severance payments when Russo’s closes, and it seems like the kind of place that would do this, I don’t think it’s really any of our business. A business is not obligated to provide severance and doesn’t have to disclose what they plan to give people just because we’re curious.

  3. Luckily they live in MA where the unemployment benefits are robust. There are over 200k+ jobs open in MA right now and over 10m in the US. Russo’s workers are 98% unskilled labor. They should have jobs tomorrow if they want them.

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