LETTER: Resident Endorses Candidate for District A Town Councilor

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Dear Editor,

At age 76 years old, this is the first time I have ever written a letter to a newspaper editor. I’m writing today to urge my East End neighbors to vote on November 2 for District A Town Council candidate Nicole Gardner.

At a time when local and national political engagement has never been so important, Nicole brings 35 years of corporate leadership experience to our town and neighborhood.

I know that she’ll work hard to address issues that matter to me, like affordability, housing and business development, expanding green spaces, and sustainability. To learn more about Nicole’s accomplishments and commitments, I recommend visiting her website, nicoleforwatertown.com.

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From time to time in my life, I have trusted someone within seconds of meeting them. I had that experience with Nicole. I trust her with the future of our town. I sincerely hope that you will join me in voting on November 2 for a person who has the experience, vision, and values to make a real difference in the future of our community.

Larry Hanawalt
Clayton Street

One thought on “LETTER: Resident Endorses Candidate for District A Town Councilor

  1. I will not vote for Nicole Gardner because she does not have any compassion for other people.
    When Eversource came to change the meters. They destroyed that there was small gas leak in my house at the shutoff value in the basement.
    Within 45 minutes 3 Eversource trucks, 8 men, Watertown’s town truck and a few men, and a police officer. There are a lot going on in front of my house. They were digging up the street and the back hoe was braking up the street.
    I was standing on my front porch and Nicole Gardner and her companion just walked past all the workers and can onto my porch to speak to me about her qualifications to become the district a town concealer.
    How dear she have the courage to approach me while there was a major issue going on to talk to me about her campaign. Her manners were very rude and she had no consideration for what I was going through. I told her that it was not the appropriate time to discuss this with me right now, and to come back when everything was fix. She just ignored me and continued to talk about her qualifications to be the next district A town concealer. I had to ask her three times to leave. Finally she left. But I still can not believe that she behaved as she did. Ignoring what was going on in front of my house and just push forward to present to me her speak for my vote.
    She will never get my vote and I hope whom ever reads this will not vote for her.

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