17 thoughts on “LETTER: Open Letter from Council Candidate to Opponent About Concern Over Location of Campaign Event

  1. So now it is an outrage to meet potential voters on the lawn of a lifelong resident with differing political views regarding the President of the United States?

    This letter is embarassing and a shining example of what is wrong with politics. Lisa Feltner is a wonderful person who has given countless hours of her life trying to help this town. In every interaction that I have had with her, she has always responded promptly and with grace and professionalism.

    I applaud her for trying to meet with constituents and get people communicating about town issues and look forward to voting for her in November.

  2. Cheap shot by candidate York. Doesn’t mention why she is the best just because of her political views. Lisa Feltner has represented our district for several years and has always been fair and knowledgeable in her representation on the town council. I look forward to seeing her continue as my council representative in the future term. As far as the family hosting today’s event I know them personally and can attest to their being good, faithful Christians and being a retired Marine Corps family having a deep concern for the future of our country and the town of Watertown.

  3. You are passing judgement on a family you don’t even know? How awful of you to assume they would not welcome people of color and people of LGBTQIA+.
    Your letter will may make some feel uncomfortable to go now and that’s not fair to this family or Lisa Feltner.

  4. I’m not sure that’s what the letter is saying. The way I took it is that Ms. York wants to make sure campaign events are accessible and welcoming.

  5. Let me just guess how many of the commenters here are members of the group Ms. York is suggesting may feel alienated by an invitation to a Trump supporter’s house. My money is on zero. As a Black resident of Watertown, I can personally tell you that I do not feel comfortable at a campaign event being hosted by a vocal Trump supporter. Trumpism goes well beyond simply expressing a “differing political view” but rather stakes out a hostile position towards marginalized groups, racial and otherwise, in this country. I personally applaud Ms. York for standing up for those in our neighborhood that feel alienated and disappointed by Counselor Feltner’s choice of venue. Let it be known that the hosts of this event are not just Trump supporters, but rather loud ones feel like people like me do not belong in this town. This is certainly not the venue I would like to engage my representative for a meet and greet. I had not previously made my mind up in this match-up for but now I have.

    • “Trumpism…stakes out a hostile position towards marginalized groups, racial and otherwise, in this country.”

      What is your evidence of this? Can you state examples of a “hostile position” Trumpism posed to marginalized groups? I am sure some readers would be interested in your viewpoints.

      Also, deciding that by simply being a vocal Trump supporter someone does not feel that you, a Black resident, belongs in this town is not a fair conclusion.

  6. Although I live in District “D” not “B”, I’ve had conversations with Councilor Feltner from time to time on issues or just in general. One thing I do admire her for is that she comes from her heart in representing her district & the town. Very sad to see someone suggest this of a councilor, a family without even taking the time to ask, but then again I’m not surprised by the way she’s conducted herself towards others in the town. Sorry Tiff I’m just not feeling the love Y’all

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  8. Candidate York is an example of what happens when someone is close-minded and incapable of understanding another person’s views. She is quick to throw around the CNN and NY Times talking points without real honest thoughts of her own. I think she exposed herself for who she is and the citizens of Watertown will be smart enough to see this. Good luck Mr. Feltner you have my vote.

  9. Identity politics is one of the most exclusive clubs. I always find it interesting that none of its proponents in Watertown ever try to include the Armenian population in this town, most of whom are descendants of victims of genocide. My small street in Watertown has become a veritable kaleidoscope in recent years and I like it better than ever. I think that Watertown will naturally become more mixed and tolerant as the rest of the area. Personally I can’t wait until the day comes when we are all so mixed “identity” becomes superfluous. Until then, bringing injustice to light is important, but accusing people you don’t know in a small city is not the way to go. Councilor Feltner will have my vote as she has worked tirelessly over the years for a better Watertown for everyone.

  10. Let’s also remember that as a Councilor to represent your area, it’s not pick & choose who, but all regardless…..

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