Film & TV Actor Makes Appearance at Watertown Comic Store

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Actor Cuyle Carvin, right, visited friend and publicist Fred Grandinetti in Watertown recently. The pair appeared at The Comic Stop to .

The following piece was provided by Fred Grandinetti:

Film and television actor, Cuyle Carvin, was in town on Sept. 21, 2021 visiting his friend and publicist, Fred M. Grandinetti. 

Carvin recently portrayed Cross in the film, The 24th about the Houston riot of 1917. Soldiers from the Third Battalion of the all-black Infantry Regiment clashed with Houston police following months of harassment and violence. 

His other recent project was performing in the science fiction film, Asteroids. Carvin is also the director of the horror film, Dolls, starring Dee Wallace of ET fame. 

Cuyle Carvin recently portrayed Cross in the film, “The 24th” about the all-black Infantry Regiment clashed with police in Houston in 1917 following months of harassment and violence.

While in Watertown Carvin spent time at The Comic Stop located on Main Street. The Comic Stop sells the anti-bullying graphic novel written by Carvin and Grandinetti titled Different WorldsBest of Friends. The publication was illustrated by Dave Hudon. The novel is catalogued by The Library of Congress. 

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Local viewers have seen Carvin in water safety and fitness segments on Grandinetti’s Drawing With Fred series broadcast on The Watertown Community Access Channel.

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