One thought on “LETTER: East End Resident Endorses Candidate for District A Councilor

  1. I have been an east end resident since 1954 and I have never met such a selfish person as Nicole Gardner.
    I own a home on Melendy Ave and there was a slow gas leak that all workers were at the house fixing the leak. There were 4 nation grid trucks, 8 man, the fire department and a police captain all working to fix the gas leek. (Which they finished up at 2:30 in the morning.)
    During all this I was mostly on my front porch watching and asking questions.
    It must of been Nicole time to campaign o Melendy Ave, because she walked onto my porch to talk to me about what she sees for the East end. Can you believe that with all that was going on in front of my house and yard, she just ignored it and wanted to make her pitch for her to be voted. I was shocked to say the lease. She did not care about the residents in the east end or their homes. She had a nerve.

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