Watertown Dems, Progressive Watertown Hosting Candidate Forum for Town Election


Charlie Breitrose Watertown residents cast their ballots at Watertown Town Hall in 2020.

The following information was provided by the Democratic Town Committee:

On Sunday, October 17th at 1 p.m., the Watertown Democratic Town Committee and Progressive Watertown will co-host a series of candidate forums for upcoming town elections.

The event will take place at Saltonstall Park, behind Watertown Town Hall.

The approximate times for the start time of each forum are below.

District A: 1:00

District B: 1:35

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District D: 2:10

At-Large: 2:55

Library Trustee: 3:45

School Committee: 4:00

3 thoughts on “Watertown Dems, Progressive Watertown Hosting Candidate Forum for Town Election

  1. Do not vote for any Democratic candidate. The Democratic party is going to raise taxes on everyone and monitor your bank account.

    • You must mean because of how somebody has to pay for the trillions of $ the republican criminals in congress gave to the wealthy who, as I’m sure you know, don’t seem to pay much if any in taxes.

    • No, they are going to raise taxes on the wealthy, who have seen a windfall under the horrible GOP policy of cutting taxes for big business & the rich & never paying for the cuts.

      These pesky facts keep getting in the way of you people. Truth hurts!

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