Board of Health Ends Indoor Mask Mandate in Watertown

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The Watertown Board of Health has removed the requirement for face masks to be worn while indoors in Watertown.

The requirement had been put into place on Aug. 25, and as of Oct. 21 has been lifted. The board voted to rescind the requirement on Oct. 20.

“Based on current transmission data we have in the community, we believe that the mask mandate can be removed,” said Larry Ramdin, Director of Public Health.

Watertown is now at moderate risk in Middlesex County, the Health Department announcement said, however, if positive cases begin to rise the mask requirement will be reevaluated by the Board of Health.

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16 thoughts on “Board of Health Ends Indoor Mask Mandate in Watertown

  1. Good move.

    The mandate may have been unnecessary to begin with.

    Now the flu is starting up.

    Are we to wear masks for that too?

  2. Very nice to see a bit of logic finally being used considering the fact that so many other cities and towns did not require a mask to walk into a business establishment while Watertown, Belmont and Cambridge did. Okay without one while sitting in a restaurant or bar with hundreds around and even casinos with thousands, no mask necessary, but to buy a paper or soft drink …….. mask required! Oh well, at least it’s over!

  3. Thanks for not protecting my kids who are too young for a vaccine? Too many selfish rich a-holes in this town. God forbid you suffer the mildest of conveniences to protect your “community.”

    • 100% agree with this. Where is the harm in wearing a mask when it does a lot at protecting others. Sounds to me like there are a lot of selfish people who don’t care about those who are not fortunate to be vaccinated or immune compromised. Further, if you’re going to get rid of a mask mandate than require proof of vaccination because I guarantee those who aren’t wearing masks are the same that aren’t vaccinated.

  4. They don’t call them Watrats for nothing. Seems a number of people from Belmont want to follow suit, willfully ignoring all safety precautions because “their freedom” is being impacted by having to wear a mask during a deadly pandemic that’s killed over 700,000 Americans, and counting. These are the same sheeple who get their medical advice from St Joe’s instead of MGH, prefer to rally into their tribes than protect their families and community at large. Clearly, ignorance and gullibility isn’t limited by town lines….

  5. Terrible idea. Deeply disappointed in Watertown. Ashamed even. Such a small inconvenience to wear a mask, and a proven life saver, at that. Selfish, selfish, and so imprudent!

  6. This is a terrible idea. I have been to the The Diner at 11 North Beacon twice recently and the owners, cooking, and wait staff are not wearing masks. I will not be patronizing them and any other businesses in Watertown where mask wearing is not happening anymore. With winter upon us and surges in other locations, this timing is terrible.

  7. Nice to see reason beat paranoia. I am vaccinated and while I don’t mind others wearing a mask, I appreciate not being forced to wear one for a long time when trying to enjoy a show, for example. This holiday season I will buy tickets outside Boston/ Cambridge and their restrictive mask rules (which are understandable given the international travel mix and the different numbers of people involved.) So you will have my business!

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