4 thoughts on “LETTER: Watertown Resident Endorses Candidate for District A Councilor

  1. Russell Ave is not in the East End or District A. It’s near Common Street and in District B.

    And the Anti-American cell group Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice, and the Environment, sponsored a learning session called ” The Abolition of Policing.”

    I urge all Mainstream, Commonsense, Right-Thinking, Legal and living Voters in District A, to reject this and the rest of the Anti-American, Anti-Police, Kumbaya Commissars on the ballot.

    Vote Mike Hanlon for District A Councilor.

      • Hi Charlie,

        You are correct. It is false to say that Watertown Community for Peace, Justice, and the Environment (WCPJE) had anything to do with abolition meetings. Those were put on by Uplift Watertown, which was a started by a small group of teenage girls and women and remains a fairly small group. That is the only police abolition group that I’m aware of in Watertown.

        What actually occurred, is there was a group call the “Joint Police Reform Group” that’s comprised of several individuals from Watertown Community for Black Lives, 2 groups from Kingian Non-Violence, and Uplift who had separate proposals for police reform. Each group had their own proposals, and included training on diversity, equity, inclusion; a Community Advisory board or mechanism for community input; enhanced data collection; and transparency and accountability to address the conclusion in the PD’s annual analysis of field contacts that Black and Hispanic/Latinx residents are over-represented in its data for arrests and citations.

        The Uplift group of about 2-3 people suggested reallocation of money from police to social services for mental health and substance abuse support. This was their proposal and we supported them in stating their position but that wasn’t what our joint group was focused on. The Joint Police Reform Group presented all of their proposals to WCPJE during an annual meeting.

        Thank you for raising this important discrepancy.

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