LETTER: District B Resident Endorses Candidate for Town Council


I am writing to endorse Lisa Feltner for re-election as our District B Councilor.

I have valued Lisa’s work for our neighborhood and for Watertown as a whole for many years. She has a deep understanding of complex town issues, a willingness to work tirelessly to develop and implement sound public decisions, and a true openness to the views of all residents. She has long been a champion of resident involvement in town affairs.

When I first met Lisa, she was a leader in the Concerned Citizens residents group – formed to provide resident input on contaminated site redevelopment and other local development challenges.

Since election as our District councilor, she has continued to seek the views of all parties. She is a champion for respectful and open communications across boundaries. She has been tireless in her efforts to promote good town decisions and development plans. And then – critically – to monitor what actually happens, and follow up when promises and plans are not followed. She has been persistent in efforts to improve the government’s engagement with its residents, to ensure that development projects benefit the community and protect the environment, and to promote a respectful and effective review of important public safety issues.

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I urge my District B neighbors to vote for Lisa on Nov. 2.

Nancy Hammett
District B Resident

One thought on “LETTER: District B Resident Endorses Candidate for Town Council

  1. Absolutely agree! Lisa continues to be an excellent advocate for District B and for Watertown as a whole and she should absolutely be re-elected to Town Council. In town council and in many prior community and school settings, Lisa has shown an excellent ability to listen carefully to all sides. She thoroughly understands and embraces all aspects of Watertown’s diversity and has demonstrated over and over how inclusive and welcoming she is. In her Town Council role, Lisa works tremendously hard, researching the issues at hand in order to best advise the council on decisions that are best for Watertown. Lisa is the real deal, she truly cares about and thoroughly understands this town and she will continue to serve the town productively if re-elected to the Council.

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