5 thoughts on “Police Log: Officers Talk Down Man Who Had Barricaded Himself in Room, Man Damages Washing Machine at Laundromat

  1. Hi. The police report may not have more information but if they do I would love to hear more detail on what it was the two women at Ulta were doing that looked like ‘acting suspicious’ and what is meant by ‘giving the employees a hard time’. Retail is a tough environment, loss prevention is a real problem but I also know at few places provide training on how to assess whether or not a person may be ‘up to something’ and the only way we know what has been stolen is by using cameras after they leave. Also, typically if someone is looking to steal, they do their best not to interact with employees so I’m curious as to whether Ulta requires their employees to approach people who they think may be looking to steal instead of purchase. It is not appropriate for a company to expect minimum wage employees to try to engage in what may become a confrontation.

  2. Between people buying Gift Cards for people they do not know and others who leave their car doors unlocked with money and valuables inside ………. are we really becoming dumber by the day? No sympathy here.

    • My thoughts exactly, who leaves that much money in their car, and then leaves it unlocked? I fear for the future of our species…

  3. I have worked in retail and shoplifters use a number of different tactics to distract store personnel from seeing what an alleged accomplice is doing. I don’t think we need the details as we don’t want the store to openly communicate how they protect their store from theft. For the most part we know that stores have security cameras. The problem is the stores can’t afford to have someone monitoring them live all the time; the tapes are often viewed later. If the suspects can be identified, they can be arrested, but as we know law enforcement’s hands are tied. Often the criminals get a slap on the hand and are released to commit more crimes. Thanks to our police for handling the cases in such a professional manner.

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