Watertown Seeks Middle & High School Students to Help Seniors Shovel Snow

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Students are wanted to help seniors clear snow through a program run by the Recreation Department.

The City of Watertown sent out the following announcement:

Watertown Middle School and Watertown High School students, we need your help shoveling snow for our 72 senior and disabled residents who have requested help. So far only 22 students have signed up. You can earn community service hours and some other perks if you volunteer. Please call Recreation Director Peter Centola at 617-972-6494 right away!

5 thoughts on “Watertown Seeks Middle & High School Students to Help Seniors Shovel Snow

  1. Its called pay for work. The seniors need to pay the students for their work. Capitalism in its most rlemental and fair form.

    • This is community service, not for profit service. I do agree that folks should pay for services if those services are ‘for profit’ but this is not the case. WPS and the town are working with volunteers from WMS/WHS to teach our kids the invaluable lesson and the power of caring for our neighbors. There are plenty of opportunities for kids to go out and make some cash via working for pay(a different and also good lesson).

    • There was a time when children were paid for work. It did not go well and now we have child labor laws that don’t allow for that.
      That said, If I had some young person volunteer to help me out I would likely tip them if they did a deserving job.

  2. This is a great community service for children. It teaches them kindness, responsibility and gives them a chance to earn a little money if people choose to offer them some payment. When I grew up this was a standard practice to help neighbors, especially older ones, and it created such a neighborhood comradery. First we would help our parents and then branch out to help others. Sadly, I don’t see many children out there even helping their parents now. I know snow blowers have replaced some shoveling, but there are still some areas around a house that need to be shoveled. This activity might also be one that the scouts could participate in if they are requested to do so.

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