10 thoughts on “Residents Share the Qualities They Want in Next City Manager, Consultant Outlines Process

  1. Great article, Charlie. You pulled together / synthesized everything in a very readable and informative way — not an easy task! I especially liked how you organized it all in the three topics. Well done!

  2. Just as long as the new city manager is not “Woke” (that is, obsessed with made-up “concerns” such as race, diversity, tolerance, equity, identity politics, and other leftist politics) and won’t waste Watertown’s time, money, and energy on those kinds of things.

    Sorry, but that’s the direction Watertown has been going.

    • Hi William! We’d love you to join us for tomorrow’s (online) Unity Breakfast so you can witness first hand the hard work being put into making Watertown a place where all the members of our community can thrive. If this year is like past years, your fellow attendees will include members of the WPD (several of whom have been honored or spoken at previous Breakfasts), members from the Boys & Girls Club, religious leaders from around town, community leaders, elected officials, teachers and administrators from our schools, students, and most likely some of your neighbors.

      Unfortunately with the virtual nature of this year’s event, you won’t be treated to the delicious breakfast that the kind folks at Town Diner usually provide, but apart from that omission the event should once again showcase the wide variety of people and organizations whose hard work and dedication honor the life of Dr. King and demonstrate their commitment to realizing his vision of a more just and peaceful world right here in our own community.

      More info is here:

      I hope you can make it.

  3. Thanks for such a thorough summary of the public input and search consultants responses at this very important meeting. I especially appreciate your inclusion of our concerns about turnover and morale of City Hall employees.

  4. There were many important credentials mentioned. I did not get to include mine prior to the deadline, but I sincerely hope that the new manager will be nonpartisan. We need to unite people and not divide them by political issues. We have diverse opinions and all need to be considered. Financials are very important to maintain and improve the services to our community and an understanding and history of knowledge of them is key.

  5. Watertown is lucky to have Community Paradigm Associates to lead this search. They do outstanding work in this area. They will be professional and focused and will ignore the ignorant nonsense some have written in this thread.

    • They appear to be very competent, smart and knowledgeable about current circumstances. I hope they are able to obtain a strong pool of candidates – ones with excellent people skills, expertise in various management areas and good minds for analyzing/using data.
      Above all, candidates should respect the need for transparency and accountability, and not fear pluralism and democracy.

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