Watertown Group Joining Other Communities for Webinar Focusing on Green New Deal

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The following announcement was provided by Watertown Facing Climate Change:

The Watertown Facing Climate Change committee is working with other local communities to support state legislation.

You can become more informed and take collective action by joining us on the “Bring the Green New Deal Home Actionar.” (An actionar is like a webinar but with action).

You can participate on either days: 

Monday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. https://350mass.betterfutureproject.org/bringing_the_green_new_deal_home_actionar, or

Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 4 p.m.   https://350mass.betterfutureproject.org/bringing_the_green_new_deal_home_actionar_tues

2 thoughts on “Watertown Group Joining Other Communities for Webinar Focusing on Green New Deal

  1. Focus on China and India for overpopulation and pollution!!!! We have dramatically cut our carbon footprint. How many of you have and buy way MORE than you NEED??? I bet all of you but you want to virtual signal to try and show how progressive you are…gimme a break!!!

  2. Before you impose more restrictions on us with all these green ideas, take a look at the whole picture. By reducing our production of oil through US pipelines Biden has caused the loss of thousands of good-paying jobs and taken us from an energy independency to one of dependency on Arab countries who have control of prices and production. By doing this our gas and energy costs have gone through the roof and are affecting every aspect of our lives and causing all of us to pay more for everything. We aren’t ready for all electric cars and won’t be for quite some time. If you had an electric car and were stuck on the highway in VA during their recent storm, your battery would have died if you turned on the heat over those many hours. The batteries in these cars are toxic to our environment as they can’t be recycled and cost thousands of dollars to replace. There are many new ideas on batteries that are now being explored. Solar is constantly being improved, but again this is not the answer in all places at all times. Neither are windmills the answer everywhere. The big push to force us into so many restrictions so quickly is a one-sided approach by some who have some knowledge but not enough to make really intelligent decisions. The young people have been brainwashed into thinking the world is going to come to an end soon due to climate crisis and that is causing them to have mental issues, especially combined with Covid restrictions. Many of the people pushing green ideas would benefit financially and don’t really care about the total effects. It’s good to have discussions, but let’s not mandate people to do things that aren’t appropriate for this time in our lives. Slow and steady would be a better approach.

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