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Charlie Breitrose A person bundles up against the winds during the blizzard on Jan. 29, 2022. Not much snow had piled up as of 10 a.m.

Two feet or more of snow is expected to fall on Watertown on Jan. 29. Share your photos taken from the warmth of your home, or from the chilly outdoors if you are more adventurous.

Send photos to, or share them on Watertown News’ Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Snow really piled up at Diane Blohm Drinan’s home in East Watertown.

Andy Anderson captured the atmosphere of Saturday’s storm in this photo.

The blizzard left plenty of fodder for snowblowers. This video was provided by Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin

Lisa Marie Keuchkarian-Mckeen’s son and dog take a break in the snow Saturday.

She also sent over this photo of the Eastside during the blizzard.

The Charles River had an interesting look during Saturday’s. Thanks to Christina de Araujo for sharing the photos of the Charles and Riverside Street.

Diana Dugan Richards got these photos showing how much snow fell at her home Saturday.

Joy Babcock got this photo of a sidewalk snowplow that tipped over on Main Street on the Westside Saturday afternoon. The driver was OK. Eventually equipment was brought out and got it right side up.

A sidewalk plow that toppled onto Main Street near Edwards Road.

You can really see the snow swirling in this video near Victory Field from Patti Teopaco.

Jamie Mobed provided this nice photo of a snowy Finnish Lapphund.

Teddy Kokoros filed this weather update on Twitter.

Adam McCready shared this dramatic video of the winds from the blizzard.

A nice photo of the Charles River in Watertown Square before the storm, Friday night, by David Sprogis.

David Sprogis Before the storm in Watertown Square on Friday night.

David shared another of what it looks like near St. John’s Church on Mt. Auburn Street near the Square at about 11:45 a.m. Saturday.

David Sprogis Mt. Auburn Street gets hit by the blizzard of Jan. 29, 2022.

Teddy Kokoros shared a few snowy pics from Main Street on the Westside, including the Watertown Police Station.

Teddy Kokoros Watertown Police Station during the blizzard on Jan. 29, 2022.

Teddy Kokoros Main Street on the westside of Watertown during the Jan. 29, 2022 blizzard.

The winds arrived overnight and as of 10 a.m. about 4 inches had fallen in Boston, according to WBZ Channel 4. The heaviest snow is expected in the late morning and during Saturday afternoon.

The Blizzard Warning lasts until midnight. The City of Watertown is under a Snow Emergency.

3 thoughts on “Share Your Snow Photos from the Blizzard

  1. I can’t remember when a typical blizzard has been hyped as much as this storm. Even if most towns got between 12-16″, somehow it’s gotten blown out to 2-3 feet? I shoveled some big drifts yesterday, but this was not an unusual winter storm in my memory. Anyone else find the claims kinda ridiculous? (I do think we had a lot of snow in 2015, but this is the first significant storm we’ve had this year.) Anyway, hope everyone is shoveled out and safe.

  2. I agree . Precedi ng the storm, there was a story on NECN, repeated multipe times which described a study that had been done to determine why “panic Buying” often precedes severe wheather events. At no time was the media’s over hyping of these evrnts ever mentioned or implied. The cause was attributed entirely to Social Media. How ridiculous is that? News coverage of New England winter storms is over the top and certainly contributes to “panic buying”, and most likely is responsible for social media’s obsession with bad weather events.

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