LETTER: Watertown Father Excited for New Hosmer School

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Yesterday (Tuesday) my family and I toured the new Hosmer elementary school. It was so exciting!

The school building committee, architects, and construction crews have done a great job. The whole thing was beautiful. I loved the colorful hallways, big open classrooms and warm, welcoming environs all around. I also had a chance to to see the comfy library, well-appointed art room, and spacious gym.

It’s easy for me, and I think for others, to only write in when we have something to complain about or that we want changed. That’s democracy! But I have zero reservations about giving the new Hosmer two giant thumbs up, and I think it’s nice to just take the time and appreciate all the hard work that went into making this grand opening possible. My child is especially excited about all the opportunities for collaboration and different areas of her new classroom.

I’d like to encourage everyone else who went to the grand opening yesterday to chime in in the comments section. Let’s celebrate what a fantastic job that the folks responsible for this epic project have done!

Matt Lashof-Sullivan

Watertown Resident

4 thoughts on “LETTER: Watertown Father Excited for New Hosmer School

  1. Thank you for this letter Matt. I agree 100%. It will be a wonderful place to learn and grow. Even more exciting is that then wonderful staff, teachers and students at the Hosmer are going to build a community inside of that building that is equally as beautiful and bright. Congratulations to each and every person who had a part in this project.

  2. I can’t agree more. The Hosmer is beautiful, energy efficient, and welcoming- just a fabulous learning environment for our children. The superintendent, school committee, building committee and the town government should be applauded for a splendid job!

  3. Thanks for your letter and I was also blown away by the new school. My kids were so excited to run through the gym and check out all the cool new common areas. The class rooms also have cool features like reading nooks and big windows!

  4. Our children attended the old Hosmer school in the early to mid-2000’s. We all remember those days fondly, but it was the community, not the building that was special. It’s surprising to me that none of us feel at all sentimental about the loss of the old school building.

    From what I have seen from the outside and from photos, the new Hosmer is absolutely spectacular! I am so happy that the next generation of Watertown students will have their elementary school experience in this beautiful new building. It seems that all who have been involved in this project have worked very hard to create a beautiful and incredibly practical building. Congratulations to all!

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