Perkins Library Print Deliveries Impacted by Paper Shortages

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The following announcement was provided by Perkins School for the Blind:

Patrons who subscribe to the Talking Book Topics (TBT) catalogue in print will not receive the January–February 2022 issue due to ongoing supply-chain issues and worldwide paper shortages. 

For those who use TBT in audio format, the January–February 2022 edition is already available on cartridge, and for download on BARD and through BARD Mobile as DB 106440. Additionally, TBT Abridged will be available through Braille Book Review in hardcopy braille, as well as in the BRF electronic format.

If you would like to subscribe to TBT on cartridge or to Braille Book Review, please contact the Library at (617) 972-7240 or Patrons can also access TBT January–February 2022 online in HTML and PDF. TBT in HTML contains direct links to BARD for downloading or adding books to wish lists, and TBT in PDF includes printable order forms for mailing.

View January-February 2022 TBT Online

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