Plumbing Museum Leaving Space in Watertown

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The Plumbing Museum will leave its space in Watertown.

The following information was provided by the Plumbing Museum:

The Plumbing Museum is temporarily closing its doors after 15 years of being a part of the Watertown community. Its steward, J.C. Cannistraro, LLC. is moving from its headquarters and will look for a separate space to relocate the museum’s collection. 

The Plumbing Museum has drawn thousands of curious visitors over the years and acted as a gathering space for local arts and industry events such as the Watertown Film Festival, Music of the Pipes, and art shows featuring the work of in-house artists-in-residence. 

A small curation of the artifacts will be displayed at The FID — Cannistraro’s center for Fabrication, Industry, and Design in Boston’s Seaport neighborhood. Additionally, the Artist in Residency program will be continued in this location.

Fans of the Museum can research the collection and stay in touch for future updates via  

5 thoughts on “Plumbing Museum Leaving Space in Watertown

  1. So sorry to hear the Plumbing Museum is leaving Watertown! Visiting there was a great opportunity to experience the origins of things we take for granted. It was especially fun to go with my parents and hear them tell stories about their grandparents using the same sinks and washing machines on display.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Michael. It was an honor to work with great Industry partners, historians, plumbers and artists to create this space. Some day ,another version of the museum will appear that tells the story in perhaps a slightly different way.

    Best wishes,

  3. Good Morning
    I have a lot of my grandfather’s plumbing tools.I would hate to throw them out. Is there a place I can donate them? some way to preserve them?
    Tom Foos
    Milton, Georgia

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