4 thoughts on “Council Holding Special Meeting on Creating Historic District, Changing Name of Delta & Community Preservation Projects

  1. Hello, is it possible the view these petitions somewhere to get more information? (E.g. has there been a proposal made for the re-naming of the Delta? What are the implications of being designated as a Historic District?) Thank you!

  2. Changing the name of the Columbus Delta to make it more, “inclusive” is just one more step in ripping away at something because it offends a handful of some who never even grew up in Watertown. What’s next, re-naming Watertown, to Everyone’s Town, so we won’t offend the Charles River?

  3. If it ain’t broke, why do we need to fix it? By this countrywide effort to rename everything, we are deleting our history. Most of Watertown’s history has already been destroyed as we have few sites left going back to our founding. It will make it more difficult to go back and research our past when all these unnecessary changes are made. Whatever new names are decided for today’s woke society may not fit with the next generation of people. Why not let it be, learn from it, and go on with life. There are much more important issues facing us than renaming everything to suit the whims of a few amongst us.

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