Cannabis Company with Local Dispensary Settles After AG Finds it Withheld Tips

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Bud’s Goods, which recently opened a location in Watertown, will reimburse employees at other locations after the Attorney General’s office found that the company had withheld more than $30,000 in cash tips.

The complaint alleged that the company withheld $33,000 in tips from employees working at its store in Abington and Worcester in 2021. Bud’s Goods opened its Watertown location on May 20, 2022.

Some of the money was reportedly used to buy food for employees, or was given to them as up to $60 in store credit. The person who made the complaint said the money was put in a lock box and employees were never told how much in tips went into the box.

The settlement was reached in May, and the company was ordered to reimburse more than 65 employees. The reimbursement was as much as $1,500.

The settlement was reported in the Worcester Business Journal, and Bud’s Goods did not respond to the WBJ’s request for comment. The story was first reported in cannabis news publication¬†Grown In.

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