LETTER: Resident Backs Candidate for Congress With New Approach

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Dear Editor,

I’m really tired of outlets not really covering things that effect our community, only events happening in our community.  

My family and business are struggling with the increased rise of inflation, rhetoric, and lack of listening to all constituents. Our leaders talk behind closed doors and it’s citizens are either muted or shut out of the process. As evidenced in many school, council, state, and federal meetings during the pandemic and the aftermath. If you don’t share their point of view, you are locked out. Not all of us have extreme views and sometimes a collaboration of ideas create growth. As in business, communities should experience growth and not the status quo.

I was reading an article about the town buying wetlands, when some of it’s citizens are struggling. Just seems like we don’t have much empathy anymore.

We need real change and we need it desperately.

 Recently when speaking to a woman from Stoneham running for Congress, I was given hope. She took time to listen to the needs of my family and cared about my community. I’ve voted for the least “radical or lesser of 2 evils” candidate in the past, because I had no choice. This time around people like myself are tired of putting people in power that stay there for way too long and accomplish little.  It’s uplifting to see a public servant with a common sense approach to many of our issues.

Caroline Colarusso is running for Congress in MA 5th and  I’m proud to say this grumpy old Veteran and working stiff is going to listen. I hope you will !


Richard Chiapperini

Channing road

19 thoughts on “LETTER: Resident Backs Candidate for Congress With New Approach

  1. While i agree with a lot of what this post says, especially with no nothing government, this reads like an advert for a running republican with no context or really any meaning behind besides “Wetlands are bad” and “We should help people struggling”.

    Does the latter mean increased social services? Does it mean expanded food stamp credits for everyone to improve coverage and quality for everyone? Does it mean reduction in key services?

    • May not be articulate enough for you, but what he means is that all of the promises made by these “promising politicians” every time they run for political office never materialize for those who have worked all of their lives. People can enter this country legally, who have never worked a day, or illegally, and are treated as equals in many ways. Housing, medical care, food stamps are handed out on “compassionate grounds” while many who were born here are starving and getting by on meager Social Security every month. It’s obvious that by inserting “Republican” into your query, explains your question. I voted for Obama twice and saw him do little, mainly due to opposition from those bad Republicans. Now, Biden is in and has become one of the worst Presidents in the history of the country, beating Carter and Bush by a landslide. Highest inflation in 40 years, highest gas and oil prices ever, while telling us we are doing better than ever. If he cannot fulfill his term, look who steps into the White House. A woman who was only chosen because she is a woman and the politically correct color, who despised Biden and insulted him to no end, but then jumped when offered V.P. because she is just another political hack and hypocrite. Neither political party will ever change this country, so it doesn’t matter who you trust or believe.

    • My letter had context. My points are that we don’t have empathy anymore and if someone disagrees with you. You say the point lacks content, context, it doesn’t mean reduction in anything. I’m a truck driver and small business owner that didn’t attend an Ivy league school.
      My current Rep. in Congress has never addressed any of my concerns. Also, let’s not pretend that Independent and Moderate voices are heard in the public spaces.
      Secondly, at this time the MA Congressional Scorecard is 11(D)-0(R). In a state of 6.5 million residents that cry out for diversity and inclusion, that doesn’t mean of thought, process, or ideas.

  2. Agree with James, I went to her sight : https://www.colarussoforcongress.com/home there was nothing about any topic(just a bio). As for purchasing land in Watertown, this would be done via the CPA funds(plus a loan I would expect paid via CPA funds at least in some part). CPA funds must be used for a couple areas(this would be allowed in one of the 4 I believe areas). Another is affordable housing but that is a harder nut to crack as we all know. I looked at Kathleen Clarks(which is now .gov site given she is a sitting Congress member)https://katherineclark.house.gov and there are ways to request for help. I’m certain milage will vary on responses but that would be interesting to hear back.

  3. As someone who volunteers for Caroline Colarusso’s campaign, can the original poster at least outline what specific policy positions Caroline has that differ from Clarks and will better the Watertown community ? As she is a new candidate with no voting history it is important to understand what kind of change she hopes to bring. From her site/twitter account, I am not sure how “opening up the keystone pipeline” , “protecting the southern border” (2500 miles away) and “protecting the 2A” will have a positive impact on our community. I would love to hear what policies she would support to help those struggling with addiction or to bring down housing & childcare costs.

    • Hi Eric,
      I never hear from Rep. Clark, so I don’t know what she has done in the 10 plus years in Congress. Let’s have the Candidates’ debate so the voters can decide and not be shut out over and over and over again.

  4. She doesn’t seem to be a big believer in climate change based on this Q & A from the candidate spotlight page at “Coalition for American Heritage:”

    Q: Do you believe that climate change considerations should continue to be part of the federal permitting process?

    A: “Climate change is too speculative to be part of the federal permitting process.”

  5. I bet Caroline Colarusso knows how to define a “WOMAN”!!! She is a great candidate but unfortunately the Mass democrats pretty much have that seat locked up…what a shame because we need a breath of fresh air which Caroline would bring at a time it is well needed that’s for sure

    • Caroline Colarusso would not bring in a “breath of fresh air” as you call it.
      Just the opposite. She is not a proponent of fresh air.

      • Just because a candidate doesn’t want to spend trillions of dollars on an issue, doesn’t mean that they are not a proponent of fresh air. Maybe she doesn’t like the process, or something about a particular measure. I’m hoping we can have the candidates debate to decide what issues matter to the voters . No speculation.

  6. I wouldn’t vote for anyone who won’t fight for the maximum policies to combat the climate crisis. Because we can keep our heads in the sand all we want and worry about our immediate needs, like I can’t drive everywhere I want in my big SUV because gas is so expensive and I have to pay more for milk, but believe me, what we’ve seen so far is nothin’ yet. Climate change will affect all our basic needs, like food, water, housing, transportation and health with all attendant financial consequences.

    I’m also sick of people who can’t understand that a sitting president is not wholly responsible for TODAY’s state of affairs. Just like Trump wasn’t responsible for a decent economy in 2018, Biden is not wholly responsible for inflation now. Government doesn’t work that way. Biden’s Build Back Better bill would have been good for this country, but he is blocked by short-sighted and weak congressmen/women. We’ve seen a real weakening of our executive and legislative branches of government. Basically, we are being legislated by the Supreme Court, while Congress fights about a 2-year-old election. No President without a clear majority is able to impact anything these days.

    I am really scared for the future. We all should be.

    • President Biden Killed energy sources (pipeline and clean coal) on his first day. He didn’t have a contingency plan. Now we are all paying for it. We own a distribution business and fuel costs are a major expense (it’s crippling).
      Secondly, as an Army Veteran I found the Afghanistan withdrawal to be completely incompetent and lacked planning. If you recall the handover of the Bahgram Air Base to the Taliban was HUGE strategic error that created a ripple effect. History will not be friendly to the cognitively challenged President. I pray that his family and corrupt media will tell the truth. Biden is WHOLLY responsible as the Commander in Chief!
      Something is just not right for the leader of 330 million Americans. PLEASE be truthful!

  7. Thanks to all for the responses. My letter didn’t point to specific topics, because I want to hear from the Candidates head-to-head. The contrast I have found is when I’ve reached out to Rep. Clarks office, I NEVER get a response from her or her office. I have been sent e-mails attacking her constituents that don’t share her point of view. One example is when she sent out an e-mail linking gun violence and white supremacy as “mainstream” in the Republican party. This was very offensive to me and many other Veterans that have strong national security points of view. That is why I am supporting the Colarusso Team for MA 5th!
    As far as this notion that Independents/Moderates/Republicans don’t care about the environment is just not accurate. We all buy pharmacy store stuff made in other continents that are FAR less earth friendly. We also realize that the issue/crisis isn’t going to happen with one approach and certainly not overnight. Furthermore, we need to be friendly to our neighbors that don’t have to same world view. Let’s not pretend that all citizens voices were heard during the Covid restrictions and school board meetings.

  8. Clark is a coat rack for Pelosi, that’s all. She would not be so close to Pelosi if she had an opinion or viable thought. It’s pretty sad the level of mediocrity of the Commonwealth’s congressional delegation these days. Look at Bill Keating, he has made a career in government by being well, invisible and compliant. But, that’s what you get in an effective one party state, mediocrity. Moulton tried to develop his own voice and well, we see how that turned out. Elizabeth Warren, she has made the lie an art form over her career in education and politics. Amazing how Massachusetts succeeds in spite of itself. I guess we can all thank the universities, healthcare, and finance sectors for driving progress, not the government of hacks and hangers on by any stretch of the imagination.

  9. Furthermore Fred,
    Rep. Clark’s predecessor Ed Markey was elected to 18 consecutive terms, mostly unopposed! Because the special interest had unwavering support for his ideology.
    It’s time to Unmask Congress!

  10. Better to be a coat rack for Pelosi than Trump! Whose coat are you holding Fred?
    Please give specific evidence of any lies that you are accusing Warren of telling. Bet you can’t!

  11. Hey Joe, let me in on a secret. Last presidential election I voted for neither the Democrat or Republican candidates. I thought both were idiots, albeit in different ways. I don’t put on the blinders and choose the party slate of candidates like some of the folks that comment here do. As for the Commonwealth, the choices from both sides of the aisle here are laughable and sad at the same time. Massachusetts succeeds in spite of the partisan political representation for reasons I mentioned before.

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