Veterans, Seniors Can Apply for Property Tax Work-Off Program

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The following information was provided by the City of Watertown:

The City is offering the Property Tax Work-Off Program to Watertown homeowners who are Veterans or aged 60 and older.

This program allows for up to ten residents a $1,500 deduction from their property tax bill in exchange for 100 to 105 hours of work for a City department, from July 1, 2022 until March 1, (Based on $14.25 (2022) or $15 (2023) per hour State minimum wage for all positions.)

To qualify for consideration, applicants must complete the attached application and be:

• Age 60 or older and Retired; OR a Veteran

• Own and occupy the property for which the taxes are deducted

• Applicant’s skills must match those needed by the participating City departments. Past projects
have included: computer data entry, helping to run Zoom programs, answering phones,
administrative tasks and projects for the Library, City Hall, Schools Recreation, Veterans or
Public Health Departments, or for the Senior Center.

• The City gives preference to individuals whose annual income is 300% of the 2022 Federal
Poverty level or less ($40,770 for single, $54,930 for married couple), and who are new to the
program, and then other applicants will be considered if slots are available. Copies of most recent
income tax returns will be requested to verify income.

• Once selected to participate, applicants will complete additional personnel forms, provide
identification, and complete a CORI form.

Please note that the amount of the property tax reduction earned under this program is NOT considered income or wages for purposes of the STATE income tax withholding, unemployment compensation or workmen’s compensation; however, under current federal law the amount IS INCLUDED in the taxpayer’s gross income for Federal Income Tax.

If interested, please complete the application and return to the Senior Center. Call 617-972-6490 with any questions. Thank you.

Click here for the application.

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