6 thoughts on “Rep. Owens, Watertown Residents Endorse Attorney General Candidate

  1. People need to think for themselves and not necessarily look at the endorsers. Many people just follow what the news anchors and politicians say and don’t investigate the issues and platforms of the candidates. Knowing what the politicians actually have done and stand for is now more important than ever. Everyone needs to put their thinking caps on and do their homework before voting this year.

  2. I cannot find any information on whether Palfrey has been a prosecutor in the courtroom or, had any meaningful interaction with local or state law enforcement. Looks to me like he crafts and writes policy according to existing laws and statutes. He is hardly bipartisan.

    • Is being a prosecutor a requirement for AG? Is “interaction” with law enforcement? Is it bad that he following existing laws and statutes? He’s running as a Democrat as are his opponents in the primary, and as is his Republican opponent. How are any of these things a concern?

  3. I watched the debates on TV with the other two candidates and decided on my own that Palfrey was the most reasonable. I was glad to see that others I respect agree…

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