Inspirations for Mosesian Arts Members Exhibition Ranges from Nature to Children’s Books

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“Ladies View, Killarney” by C.J. Lori is one of the pieces in the 2022 Mosesian Center for the Arts’ Members Exhibition.

The following information was provided by the Mosesian Center for the Arts:

Members Exhibition 2022, the upcoming exhibition at Mosesian Arts, gives current members of the arts center an opportunity to showcase their work.

What is surprising in this year’s exhibition is how many of the artists turned to nature for inspiration, for comfort, and reflection. Living in a world that is undergoing devastating climate changes, artists are looking for ways to keep nature and its fragile beauty in the forefront.

In C.J. Lori’s painting “Ladies View, Killarney,” the viewer is transported to the magnificent, green landscape of Ireland. Devoid of any human presence, the rolling hills and blue sky take us to a more peaceful and idyllic time.

Rebecca’s Skinner’s “Within,” a photograph mounted on aluminum panel, depicts nature in a totally different way. An abandoned house is overtaken by creeping, verdant vines. The vegetation is reclaiming its rightful space. The deserted, crumbling house evokes feelings of loss and emptiness and its strange beauty draws us in.

“Within” by Rebecca Skinner.

“Meeting in the Forest,” a mixed media piece by Marija Draskic Brancazio, portrays a real forest from upstate New York. Marine species, realistic representations of sea life, float thought the dark forest, bathed in soft moonlight. The woods and the ocean meet in a surreal, fairy tale world where a ghost- like figure illuminates their path. The artist tells us that the “human character is a woman in white clothing, carrying a delicate necklace (guia, spiritual guiding necklace, or a rosary) in her left hand, and a lantern in her right – symbolizing the search of other worlds on a spiritual path.”

Marija Draskic Brancazio’s “Meeting in the Forest.”

Sandy Gregg’s “Celebrating Autumn Glory” is an explosion of beautiful, fall colors. Even though the colors are inspired by autumn, the wall quilt is an abstract piece created by geometric shapes linked together. Lines, like branches, extend upward and create an illusion of a forest, moving with the fall wind.

“Celebrating Autumn Glory,” by Sandy Gregg.

Finally, Dee Kricker’s “Urban Garden” combines acrylic painting and collage to create a tapestry of lines and shapes that gives a feeling of being in the city and encountering a patch of vegetation, like an oasis amongst the city streets. Collaged pieces of paper, some of them pieces of handwritten pages, remind us of things lost or discarded in the city. Painted from memory, this abstract work draws inspiration from the community gardens that dot the urban landscape. The variety, the thoughtful and masterful execution of the work ranging from paintings, fiber pieces, prints, sculptures, and drawings makes this year’s Members Exhibit a true jam.

Dee Kricker’s “Urban Garden.”

Members Exhibition 2022 is on display at the Mosesian Center for the Arts from Sept. 14 to Oct. 14. The opening reception will be held on Sept. 15, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Gallery Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. and during performances

The mission of The Mosesian Center for the Arts is to enrich the lives of diverse audiences and participants by providing exceptional experiences in theater, visual, and literary art. Website:

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