4 thoughts on “Students Need Help Creating Tribute to Mass. Residents Lost on 9/11

  1. Thank you, Montserrat. This is a beautiful thing you are doing. Thank you for doing your part to see that we never forget.

  2. It is good to know that the children are being taught about 9/11. Many young people have no idea of what happened and the significance of remembering it. I just heard that NY is not going to maintain a 9/11 memorial there. How sad is that! If we don’t remember our history and learn from it, it may well happen again. I didn’t hear about this in time to show up at the library. I hope you had a great response.

  3. This memorial is a lovely idea. I’m hoping planning for this memorial has included siting it well outside the dripline of the beautiful maple in front of the Library, so as not to disturb this significant city tree’s root system.

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