Watertown Restaurant Serving Special Menu Items for Indigenous Food Week

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The following information was provided by the Pigsgusset Initiative:

On Monday, Oct 10, 2022, Indigenous Peoples Day will be celebrated for the first time in Watertown with speakers, theatrical performances, cultural presentations, Indigenous artisans and musicians plus information tables.

The celebration will take place at First Parish of Watertown located at 35 Church St. from 2-5 p.m. and is supported by a generous grant from the Watertown Community Foundation to Pigsgusset Initiative, a working group of Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice, and the Environment.

As part of Indigenous Peoples Day, Pigsgusset Initiative is partnering with Branch Line restaurant in Watertown where Chef Ivan Conill is collaborating with award-winning Wampanoag Chef Sherry Pocknett around the preparation of Wampanoag dishes that will be featured on Branch Line’s menu from Friday, Sept. 30 until Monday, Oct. 10, 2022. Pigsgusset Initiative invites all Watertown residents to join us for an extraordinary tasting of Wampanoag cuisine during Watertown’s first-ever Indigenous Food Week. We also encourage our neighbors to stop by the celebration at First Parish of Watertown.

Pigsgusset Initiative is dedicated to healing and justice through the un-erasure of Indigenous peoples from the place now called Watertown. Pigsgusset is the name for Watertown used by its original inhabitants from the Pequossette band of the Massachusett tribe. This is an English language corruption of an Indigenous word, which to the best of our knowledge, means “the meadows at the widening of the river.” 

For further information, contact Jennifer Wolfrum, jenniferwolfrum13@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Watertown Restaurant Serving Special Menu Items for Indigenous Food Week

    • They actually have a great pappardelle on their regular menu. To think that they are snubbing Italian food (which is offered year round) because they are *also* offering Wompanoag cuisine for a limited time is absurd.

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