LETTER: Resident Wants Congressional Candidates to Debate

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Dear Editor,

In reading recent local publications including this one, I’ve noticed something troubling.

Recent articles of Caroline Colarusso and her supporters are calling on our 5th Mass. District Congresswoman Kathrine Clark to debate the issues that surround the upcoming election. Mrs. Colarusso has challenged Clark to five debates with little or no conditions attached. That’s not the troubling part of it. The troubling part of it is that Kathrine Clark and her team have not responded to most or any debate requests.   

So, today I’m asking your publication and readers to reach out to get answers why a dedicated public servant would not want to debate the issues for the voters to make an educated decision about their vote. Long before the days of social media, candidates would have a series of debates with unbiased moderators. These moderators would be from different newspapers, radio and television stations. You wouldn’t know where they stood politically or ideologically, because bias wasn’t rampant and, in some cases, not even allowed. In current times the news cycle changes rapidly, that we need more debates, not fewer or in this case none. 

As a small business owner and veteran, I have had many challenges over the past couple years. Many of those challenges were the result of poor government policy and lack of compassion to our citizens. As someone who has served this country and believes in opportunity, I’m feeling slighted by Kathrine Clark and many other political figures that run away from some of its citizens. When it comes to the issues that affect our community, state and country, now more than ever we need to shine a light on these leaders. For better or worse stand up and let us know where you stand. 

My fellow citizens … PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE demand debates now. Our future is on the line.

Richard Chiapperini
U.S. Army Veteran
Watertown, MA 

8 thoughts on “LETTER: Resident Wants Congressional Candidates to Debate

  1. One of the big downsides of being a single party state is the incumbent rarely has anything to worry about if the party supports them. An incumbent sees nothing but risk in putting themselves out there any more than is necessary.

  2. Can we call out somewhere in these articles when it is being posted by someone that volunteers for a campaign ? (this is the second post from this campaign volunteer in the last few months) Or at least ensure the author discloses it in their writing.

    Has Caroline even been to Watertown in the last few months while campaigning ? Did she come to the fair on the square ? Has she held an event in town , or come to one of the small business events ? I scrolled her social media and found her in Framingham, Weston, Lexington etc… but didn’t see one mention of Watertown. Katherine at least came here in Feb to talk about the federal funds used to upgrade our water infrastructure.

    I am not sure what a debate would really accomplish as the two candidates are near poler opposites of one another. It would just be each candidate going through their talking points and trying to get a “gotcha” on their opponent.

    • She has been to Watertown several times and was at the Faire in the Square. She was hosted by a Watertown woman and talked to many people. You should be more concerned about the state of affairs in this state and country than who is lobbying democrats for a fair shake. People don’t want to hear about campaigns bickering. They want solutions to issues that matter in their lives. You have proven many of my points. Thanks!

      • “You should be more concerned about the state of affairs in this state and country than who is lobbying democrats for a fair shake” I am not sure what this means ? What fair shake are you talking about

        And you were right, after I scrolled down through all the fentanyl, immigration , and anti-abortion twitter posts I was able to see she was at the fair on the square.

        But again, what are you looking to see at a debate between the two of them ? What would I learn about Caroline’s positions at a debate that I can’t read on her website ? She wants to stop sending money to Ukraine but wants to send aid to Azerbaijan, how does that solve anything ?

        • It seems like you are debating for the Congresswoman. I’m hoping that our neighbors have a chance to see the candidates. Obviously you have investigated social media sites for usual talking points. As far as a fair shake, let’s not pretend that parents and citizens weren’t locked out of many public discussions over the past couple years. Let’s also recognize the MA Congressional delegation is 11-0 in favor of one party. So much for inclusion!

          • I am not debating, I am asking a representative of a campaign a questions about what I should hope to learn about Caroline at a debate. In this article you are asking me to take time out of my day to call my congressional rep (Clark) and ask her to debate. I am asking you what I should expect in return if there was going to be a debate. As a volunteer for her campaign I was hoping to get an answer to that before I invested my time to make the call.

            Caroline lost by +25 points in 2020. What about her platform has she adjusted since then to be more aligned to a broader group of constituents in District 5. Maybe you can ask her to jump into this thread and respond ?

  3. To be honest, I would not even be interested in a debate by these two individuals, but as one who has given up on politicians and their empty promises, it is obvious that Clark and many other Democrats do not want to debate anyone in many parts of the country and the reason is obvious. What can any of them say has been accomplished by either them or the President since he was elected. All they talk about is Ukraine and abortion, neither of which has any effect on “most” Americans, while runaway inflation, increased crime everywhere and a drug problem that is getting worse every day. No need to mention our open border policy that has allowed over a million, if not more, to come into this country without being vetted by simply claiming that their country is “dangerous”. The recent murders of two innocents in Las Vegas and the wounding of others by a young, male illegal immigrant from Guatemala is only one of thousands of crimes being committed by “refugees”. Thus, why vote, when things in this country are getting worse by the month.

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