See Photos from the Watertown’s First Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration

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Charlie Breitrose A special performance of New Rep Theatre’s “Listen to Sipu” was held during the first Watertown Indigenous Peoples Day held at the First Parish Church.

People filled the First Parish Church hall on Monday, Oct. 10 to celebrate Watertown’s first Indigenous Peoples Day.

The audience heard from keynote speaker Elizabeth Solomon, a representative of the Massachusett Nation, about issues facing Indigenous People today and the effects of colonialism.

Charlie Breitrose Elizabeth Solomon, a representative of the Massachusett Nation, gave the keynote address during to the audience at the First Parish Church during Indigenous Peoples Day.

The event also featured a special presentation of New Repertory Theatre’s historical play “Listen to Sipu,” starring Maria Hendricks and Jon Vellante with music provided by Geraldine Barney. The play was originally performed in June 2021 on the Arsenal on the Charles property near the banks of the Charles River, which was also was also a place frequented indigenous people.

Charlie Breitrose Children colored in traditional Native American images during the Watertown Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration.

During a break in the event, people headed into the church basement where indigenous crafts and products were on sale, and there were activities for children such as coloring.

Charlie Breitrose Some of the indigenous crafters and products for sale during Watertown’s Indigenous Peoples Day.

The event was organized by the Pigsgusset Initiative, a group of local people who celebrate and advocate local Indigenous People, and seek to “undo the erasure of Indigenous Peoples from the place now called Watertown.”

Charlie Breitrose Maria Hendricks explains the history of indigenous people in the area that is now Watertown during a performance of “Listen to Sipu,” as Jon Vellante listens. They were accompanied by musician Geraldine Barney.

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