3 thoughts on “Local Businesses Discuss How City Can Help Make Their Future Bright

  1. Parking availability is key to keeping our small businesses competitive. We have limited parking on Main St. and Mt. Auburn St. and what we have needs to be kept. We have meters everywhere while Waltham provides up to 2 hours free for Moody St. businesses. They also have a number of small parking lots. That makes them much more competitive for people to go there and especially for those who often can’t walk long distances to find parking due to age or physical limitations. Newton has a small parking lot that allows free parking for 3 hours off of Watertown St. and the Post Office and all the restaurants and businesses seem to be much more stable there. In bad weather people aren’t inclined to have to stop and shop when they can’t find convenient parking, and in our area we all know we have long winters. Green ideas are good for some things, but if we want green (money) coming into Watertown, let’s be considerate of the people who want to support our local businesses.

  2. This Watertown Business Coalition event was excellent and more business owners and leaders across the city of Watertown should join the coalition to help strengthen the voice of small business in this evolving, changing climate in the city. Get involved by sharing your comments and opinions of the Watertown Comprehensive Plan immediately. Make sure you contribute to positive change and help manage increasing density by making your voice heard.

  3. I’d like to work off of Merle Kummer’s comments. How about developing a training program in Watertown for Watertown residents that’s specific to the labs and at least partially supported monetarily by the labs, for lab technicians, etc. That would give the labs a local workforce and give mostly non-college bound WHS graduates and others an opportunity to make a decent (non minimum wage) income?

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