LETTER: Group Encourages Older Residents to Participate in Comprehensive Plan Process

Submitted by Bob Shay of Watertown for All Ages

Watertown for All Ages, a grassroots community organization, encourages older adults and their children to make their voices heard in the city’s Comprehensive Planning process that will shape the future of Watertown for years to come. Watertown for All Ages has submitted recommendations for improved programs and services for older residents. To learn more and read the recommendations visit the Watertown for All Ages website (www.watertownforallages.org) or email: info@watertownforallages.org. The City is holding workshops for the public to participate in the Comprehensive Plan process on September 20 and 29. For details: https://engagestantec.mysocialpinpoint.com/watertown-plan/watertown-plan-events/ 

“We hope the ideas we have offered for the Comprehensive Plan will be the basis for a broader community discussion, and we encourage everyone to get involved,” said Bob Shay, President of Watertown for All Ages. Watertown for All Ages’ list of opportunities that the City planners should consider includes suggestions to increase transportation and affordable housing options, identify innovative ways to decrease social isolation, support intergenerational programs, and offer a broader range programs and recreational opportunities that will be of interest to a more diverse population of older residents.

City Hosting Walks & Bikes with Staff to Get Input to Shape Watertown’s Future

Residents can join City staff on walks and bike rides around Watertown to take a look at the City’s major business areas, and get input about what they should look like in the future. The information gathered will be used in the process to update Watertown’s Comprehensive Plan. The series covers a number of areas where development has and will continue to occur, including Watertown Square, Pleasant Street, Coolidge Square, and the bike path near Arsenal Street that runs through East Watertown to Fresh Pond. Assistant Director of Planning Gideon Schreiber said the tours provide another way for people to give input on the Comprehensive Plan. “I’ve been on the Live Well Watertown committee for 10 years, and we’ve done these walks and often times when I’m doing the walk with residents they have questions, they have ideas, they have thoughts, and we thought that it would be a good opportunity to mix it up and do something different,” Schreiber said.

LETTER: Too Much Land in Watertown Square is Being Wasted

This letter was inspired by the commenting process on the Watertown Comprehensive Plan. If you haven’t participated yet, it’s not too late! But I wanted to get this letter in front of a wider audience because this problem affects all of us. Too much land in Watertown Square is wasted by ground-level parking lots. Watertown is small by area, and we only have one central downtown location.

Residents Can Shape Decisions in Watertown by Taking Vision & Needs Survey

The City of Watertown sent out the following announcement:

Watertown is beginning the process of updating our Comprehensive Plan to guide policy and decision-making over the next 10+ years. Citizen engagement and community input will be important throughout the planning process. Please participate in the Vision and Needs Survey to share your thoughts about life in Watertown today and its future by June 3, 2022. 

Click here to find the survey. Find out more about the Comprehensive Plan process by clicking below:

City Wants Input on Comprehensive Plan, Providing Multiple Opporunties