Comprehensive Plan to Include Focus on Local Business, Diversifying New Developments

The revised draft of Watertown’s Comprehensive Plan will include some new additions and points of emphasis about supporting small businesses and seeking to diversify the local economy after the input provided by residents earlier this year. On Thursday afternoon, he Planning Advisory Committee heard about the public input from the open house in March, as well as online surveys and emails sent to the project team. They also learned about the process for the final approval of the Comprehensive Plan. Phil Schaeffing, the project manager with Stantec, said the input came from a room full of people during the March 9 open house at the Watertown Library, which was also attended by several people online. They received both spoken and written comments at the event.

Public Input on Comprehensive Plan to be Discussed Thursday by Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee will review the input on the Comprehensive Plan received from the public at a meeting on Thursday. The Comprehensive Plan is being updated after being first adopted in 2015. It serves as the primary planning document for Watertown and covers a variety of areas including: economic development, housing, transportation, open space and recreation, and sustainability. The City held public forums on the plan in September and in March. See more about the Comprehensive Plan update on the project webpage.

City Manager Discusses Comprehensive Plan, Resident Participation & the High School Project on Watertown Cable Show

Inside Watertown hosts Bob Airasian, far left, and Charlie Breitrose were joined by City Manager George Proakis and Director of Community Development and Planning Steve Magoon. (Screenshot from Watertown Cable). Watertown City Manager George Proakis talked about the ongoing Comprehensive Plan update, how residents can get involved when projects go before the City, and what’s going on with the Watertown High School project in the latest episode of Watertown Cable’s Inside Watertown. Along with Proakis, co-hosts Charlie Breitrose and Bob Airasian were joined by Steve Magoon, Watertown’s Assistant City Manager and the Director of Community Development and Planning. The City recently held a public forum on the Comprehensive Plan, which is being updated for the first time since it was adopted in 2015.

OP-ED: MBTA Communities & How it Could Impact Watertown

By Linda ScottWatertown Resident

Part 1

In January 2021, surrounded by some very happy building tradespeople, Charlie Baker signed the MBTA Communities Law into effect, and I missed it. Totally. Apparently, so did a whole lot of us! In August 2021, I was having lunch with a friend who lives in Boston. We were catching up.

See the Chamber’s Virtual Watertown Business Community Town Hall, Take the City’s Survey

Charles River Regional ChamberA screenshot from the Charles River Regional Chamber’s video featuring Watertown. The Charles River Chamber recently hosted a virtual gathering of the Watertown business community where attendees learned about the Comprehensive Plan update. The City’s survey about the update ends Friday, March 24, so now is your chance to be heard about Watertown’s future. The Charles River Chamber sent out the following information:

Finally this week, my thanks to Watertown Senior Planner Larry Field for joining us at our virtual Watertown Business Community Town Hall for a presentation explaining the city’s draft Comprehensive Plan (as well as his unsolicited “PSA” about this newsletter). No idea what a Comprehensive Plan is?

Deadline Approaching to Take Comprehensive Plan Survey

The City of Watertown released the draft Comprehensive Plan update in late February and held an open house on March 9. Those who did not have a chance to comment on the plan then can still do so by filling out an online survey. The deadline to fill out the survey is Friday, March, 24. The survey also covers the draft Open Space and Recreation Plan. “Your participation will help the City better understand your interests and incorporate your ideas in the plans and their implementation,” the City’s announcement said.

Watertown Business Community Town Hall Being Hosted by Charles River Chamber

The Charles River Chamber of Commerce will host a Watertown Business Community Town Hall on Wednesday, March 22 from 9 to 10 a.m. via Zoom. The event is free for members & non-members. The Chamber sent out the following information:

Watertown has experienced a remarkable period of growth and change that’s projected to continue in the coming years. By 2031, the city is expected to add more than 6,000 jobs, mostly in the research and development sectors. A positive impact of this economic development is that it will increase the non-residential tax base.

Come Tell the City What You Would Like Future Development in Watertown to Look Like

Thursday night, residents, business owners, and others have the chance to let City officials know what they would like Watertown look like in the future. The new draft of the Comprehensive Plan, along with plans for the City’a open space and recreation assets, will be discussed at an open house where people can leave their input. The open house will be held on Thursday, March 9 from 6:30-8 p.m. in the Watertown Savings Bank in the Watertown Library, 123 Main St. To RSVP click here. See the plans and more information about the Comprehensive Plan and Open Space & Recreation Plan at the website:

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the City Council in 2015.