Board Presidents Remembered as Part of Watertown Boys & Girls Club 50th Anniversary

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The following information was provided by the Watertown Boys & Girls Club:

As the Watertown Boys & Girls Club (WBGC) approaches its 50th anniversary Gala celebration on October 28, 2022, the list of those who have contributed to the Club’s success is long. As part of the celebration, the last two executive directors Renee Gaudette and Allen Gallagher, who shepherded the Club for more than 30 years consecutively, recollected some of those who helped make the Club such a welcome resource for the children and teens of Watertown.

The list includes folks who guided the kids every day, who have donated their time, talent, and treasure, and even some of the notable Club kids. The list of contributors extends far beyond those on this list, but in the spirit of this golden milestone, here’s 50 for 50, a by-no-means comprehensive and in-no-particular-order list of those who come to mind for Gaudette and Gallagher.

“We have been so fortunate to work with such amazing individuals. Our Board Presidents, past and present, are dedicated to the success of the Club and work tirelessly to fulfill the Club’s mission,” expressed Renee Gaudette, the Club’s most recent Executive Director. “We are so thankful for their hard work and commitment to the youth of Watertown. With their leadership and support, the Club has been able to achieve so much!”

“The Club has been very fortunate over the past 50 years in having excellent leadership with Board Presidents. Each person brought their various strengths with them to help shape the Club. I appreciate each and every one of them,” states Allen Gallagher, long-time former Executive Director.

This week we will be recognizing WBGC Club Champions.

WBGC Club Champions – in 1972 the Watertown Boys Club opened its doors to the community’s children and teens, putting the Club on a path for over 50 years to becoming the largest non-profit serving children and teens in the community. In 1980 the Club became one of the first in the nation to admit girls and was re-named the Watertown Boys & Girls Club. Here is list of the Board Presidents who are true Club Champions and have made a positive impact within the Club as well as in the community over the years. They represent the foundation upon which the Club stands half a century later.

WBGC Board Presidents

Larry Caruso 1972-1974
Raymond Dupuis 1974-1976
Henry Frissora, Jr. 1976-1978
J Malcolm Whitney 1978-1980
M. Bernadette Corbett 1980-1982
Paul Shakespeare 1982-1984
Thomas Reilly 1984-1986
S. Kelley MacDonald 1986-1988
William York 1988-1990
Thomas Manzelli 1990-1992
Stephen Messina 1992-1994
Betty Ann Devaney 1994-1996
Sharon Bazarian 1996-1998
John Madden 1998-2000
Judy Johanson 2000-2002
Wayne MacDonald 2002-2004
Cindi Galligan 2004-2006
Patrick Arone 2006-2008
Curtis Whitney 2008-2010
Lydia Lalli 2010-2012
Brendon Kilcoyne 2012-2014
Paul DerBoghosian 2014-2016
Mark Tardiff 2016-2018
John Labadini 2018-2020
Phil Greenough 2020-2022
Alan Medville 2022-2024

The WBGC is the largest non-profit serving children and teens in Watertown. The Club annually serves more than 1,400 kids as members and represents a vital part of the community, helping kids strengthen a healthy lifestyle, achieve academic success, and develop strong leadership skills. The entire community is welcome to celebrate this milestone anniversary at the 50th Gala on Friday, October 28th at the Hellenic Center in Watertown. It’s a ticketed event with all proceeds going to the Watertown Boys and Girls Club. Go to for more
information. We hope to see you there!

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