Watertown Gallery Features Paintings Focusing on Relationship Between Humans and Nature

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Watertown’s Storefront Art Projects will host a reception for the opening of its latest show, “On the Edge” featuring the artworks of Anne Sargent Walker, on March 4 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The gallery provided the following announcement:

Anne Sargent Walker’s luminous paintings are about nature and crisis and the fraught and fragile relationship between humans and the planet. There are birds and lush foliage and often the outline of a helpful or intervening human hand.  

She says, “My work is about the beauty, complexity, and fragility of nature and our complicated relationship with it. The surface of my paintings, with birds, flora or other creatures, often peels back, dissolves or drips to reveal layers underneath, suggesting the loss of habitats, species, the earth itself and of course us.

“I want my paintings to be beautiful – to inspire the kind of love for nature that I feel.  And yet I want them to have some elements that are ugly, or out of place, or out of sync – something that makes people wonder- what is going on?

In the hand paintings, I don’t want to project an idealized relationship with nature- as that is not the case, even if we revere it. We feed the birds, and love animals while collectively contributing to the climate’s warming and the loss of habitats to the point that we are all at an existential edge.”

Storefront Art Projects is located at 83 Spring St. in Watertown It is open on Thursdays and Saturdays from 1-4 p.m. Find out more at www.storefrontprojects.com

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