City Gauging Interest in Restaurants, Businesses Hosting Live Performances

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Ken Tibert Watertown is looking at whether restaurants and businesses want to host live music and performances. Pictured here, Southern Rail.

The City of Watertown has joined with the Watertown Business Coalition to find out how much interest local restaurants and businesses have in hosting live performances.

Watertown Public Arts & Culture Planner Liz Helfer sent out the following survey announcement:

I want to share an exciting new initiative in Watertown. The Watertown Business Coalition and the Public Arts & Culture Committee are gauging interest for live performances in Watertown with the goal of encouraging opportunities for businesses and musical artists to collaborate.

The team behind this initiative is digging into local ordinances and permitting processes to determine how best to assist businesses in bringing performers to their space. The team welcomes feedback from the business and music community about other barriers or concerns related to this topic.

The WBC and PACC have put together a brief survey to gather feedback from musicians, restaurant owners, retail businesses, or anyone who owns a space that would make a great music venue—or from local music lovers! We’re hoping for a broad response, if you could share the survey with your networks, that would be greatly appreciated.

Survey link:

3 thoughts on “City Gauging Interest in Restaurants, Businesses Hosting Live Performances

  1. You don’t need to know the interest to remove any barriers. Let’s open up this city and stop being so restrictive and parochial.

  2. It is great to see this initiative. For too long residents have had to leave town to find live music. Music is a great way to distinguish the city’s squares while adding vitality to the area.

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