Watertown Resident Recently Celebrated Her 100th Birthday

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Watertown’s Ethel Kelly turned 100 in February.

Watertown resident, Ethel L. (Veno) Kelly turned 100 years old in February. She was born in Portland, Me to Henry L. and Marian (Hays) Veno. The family relocated to Waltham when Ethel was four years old. She attended St. Mary’s School, graduating in 1940, according to the announcement provided by her family.

After high school, she met the love of her life, Joseph P. Kelly (Watertown Fire Fighter for 37 years). They moved to Watertown after marrying in 1948.

Ethel was a bookkeeper for years while raising her three children, Patricia (Paul) Gately, retired Watertown Police Officer Robert (Cheryl), and the late Richard.  

Ethel has five fantastic grandchildren Timothy (Erin) and Neal (Katee) Gately, Burlington Police Officer Christopher, Erika and Lauren Kelly. She also has one lovely great grandson, Declan, as well as a very special grand doggy, Izzy. 

Ethel spent her actual birthday at the Chateau with her local family. A larger birthday celebration is planned for the spring. 

She credits her long life to never get to her driver’s license. She walked everywhere.

12 thoughts on “Watertown Resident Recently Celebrated Her 100th Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Mrs . Kelly. You deserve a very special celebration. Enjoy

    Marty (Dr. Fergus and Cancian’s office)

  2. Happy Birthday, Mrs Kelly!

    It’s wonderful to celebrate such longevity! Our neighbor will be celebrating her 104th (or close to it) this week as well! She drove until about 5 years ago—and her driveway is difficult to get in and out of—I’ve tried.
    Happy Birthday Patty Jackson!

  3. She was a friend of my mom’s and I got to know her when she volunteered to help me by working at the Relay for Life back in 2004-2009. Wonderful woman! Happy Birthday Ethel!

  4. Happy 100 th , Ethel-congratulations. You were a wonderful
    friend to my Mother…. both my parents always enjoyed their friendship with both
    you and Joseph. Remembering the ” old days “…‼️
    Arlene (Kasabian) Young

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