City Deploying Rodent Control in Areas of Big Road Construction Projects

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The following announcement was provided by the City of Watertown:

The City of Watertown, MA has begun using Anticimex SMART technology, provided through Modern Pest Services, a licensed pest control company.

The SMART City concept is an intelligent, non-toxic, always-on solution for pest control, and was developed to provide municipalities and community organizations access to a comprehensive solution to rodent control. The City of Watertown, in partnership with Modern Pest Services, is conducting site evaluations and has deployed SMART equipment in tactical areas of the city to identify, monitor, and control rodent “hot spots” to reduce rodent pressure throughout the city.

Modern Pest has begun rolling out strategic deployment of above-ground SMART boxes, which monitor and control rodent activity while providing real-time data for proactive pest control in the community. These Smart Boxes have been initially deployed on Mt. Auburn Street and Arsenal Street in anticipation of the upcoming roadway construction activity, as well as around other hot-spot areas throughout the city.

In addition to this technology, the Public Works Department also deployed rodent bait stations on Mt. Auburn Street to also assist with the rodent population in that area. These bait stations have been equipped with TERAD3 AG BLOX, a rodenticide which has been proven to be less detrimental to the avian population. Using both of these resources, the DPW will collect data and be able to reassign bait stations to areas where they will be the most effective.

Read the Mount Auburn Street Construction Pest Control FAQ:

Read about Modern Pest’s SMART Cities:

4 thoughts on “City Deploying Rodent Control in Areas of Big Road Construction Projects

  1. Why aren’t they deploying battery operated rat kill traps? I was a farmer for thirty years in NH. The only safe way to do it. Any rodenticide is detrimental to the environment. As soon as a rat enters the baited electronic trap they are instantly electrocuted.
    Rodenticide is not an immediate solution. It tends to cause the rat to bleed out internally. Rats develop tolerance for some rodent control substances.
    It may sound cruel but a slow painful death takes a lot longer that an instant.pai less one.
    Just saying.

  2. I wonder what “less harmful to birds” means. Does it only sicken our hawks, owls and eagles but not necessarily kill them? This statement to me demands further information.

  3. I’m glad there is some action on this, but not familiar with the pros and cons of this method.

    Just a quick question…I know at a recent meeting (as I recall, a Health and Human Services meeting about 2 months ago, involving Mr. Ramdin, Health Department director), there was an agreement to have an overall city plan with someone in Watertown (presumably at the Health Department) in charge of coordinating a city-wide effort to deal with rat control. This plan would include:

    1. Legally acceptable and not acceptable ways to control rats in Watertown
    2. Everyone, including City agencies and private companies and utilities, were to report their plans to a specific individual in the City for approval before proceeding. (at the Health Department?)
    3. A follow-up study on how effective the strategy used was suggested.

    I’ve been looking and can’t see this plan posted anywhere. Could the Health Department please advise me where to look to see this plan?

  4. I have seen two rats (and I’m certain there are more) in my yard , have put a game cam, and now know they are in the back yard and porch, front yard and side yard. I also have three bait stations, which are monitored , for a year, without success. I also see several of these stations in my neighborhood. HELP

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