See Which Streets the City Assessors Will be Doing Inspections

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The following announcement came from the City of Watertown:

The Assessing Office is required by the Department of Revenue to make a good faith effort to inspect all properties within a ten-year period. This year, we have hired Patriot Properties to help us with those inspections. Starting May 1, 2023 and through the month of May, they will be inspecting properties on the following streets:

  • Bancroft Street
  • Bradshaw Street
  • Downey Street
  • Edenfield Avenue
  • Edward Road
  • Elmwood Avenue
  • Evans Street
  • Fitchburg Street
  • Forest Street
  • Gertrude Street
  • Goldie Street
  • Lawrence Street
  • Loomis Avenue
  • Quincy Street
  • Rutland Street
  • Springfield Street
  • Waverley Avenue
  • Worcester Street

Letters have been mailed to all owners of properties on these streets informing them.

One thought on “See Which Streets the City Assessors Will be Doing Inspections

  1. Why does Watertown have to hire another company to do this assessment. Let the Watertown workers do this job. Watertown always hires someone else instead of using when people they already have. This practice has been going on for years. It is about time to do something he work within ourself

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