LETTER: Resident Opposes United States Sending Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

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The Biden Administration has announced that it will send cluster bombs to Ukraine. The Convention on Cluster Munitions is a response to the suffering caused by cluster munitions, which have killed and injured many thousands of civilians in countries where they have been used.

Cluster munitions pose an immediate threat to civilians during conflict by randomly scattering bomblets over a wide area. They continue to pose a threat post- conflict by leaving remnants, including bomblets, to explode upon impact, becoming de-facto landmines. More than 120 countries have joined the Convention on Cluster Munitions to end the use of cluster bombs.

In response to President Biden’s announcement, on Friday, July 14, Massachusetts Peace Action will be holding a rally at noon at Boston’s Park Street Station, calling on Congress to oppose the transfer of these brutal, illegal, and immoral weapons. President Biden should be helping to negotiate an end to this terrible war in Ukraine, not escalating it by sending even deadlier weapons into this conflict.

Join us at Park Street Station to tell Congress to oppose sending cluster munitions to Ukraine.

Jeanne Trubek
Arsenal Street, Watertown

5 thoughts on “LETTER: Resident Opposes United States Sending Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

  1. Totally disagree. We should do everything possible in Ukraine to stop Russia and its madman leader. I wouldn’t send American troops, but everything else is fair game.

  2. The hardest part is watching this lunatic destroy a beautiful country with rich heritage, very strong willed people and a newly elected President at the time of the invasion by russia, along with all innocents dying and everyone being displaced. With the world keeping an eye on this, russia goes on unscathed. I believe the enemy used them first what a surprise! If this helps keep Ukraine people alive, be my guest, more importantly are the Nuke plants! What do you think the body count would be if good ol Vlad decides time for them to go! If President Zeleski says they need them, get them anything they want, Stand Strong Ukraine

    • Amen! The Ukrainian people have earned our support with their courage and love of country. Putin is the Hitler of the 21st century. He must be stopped at any cost.

  3. The only way to end the war is to win the war.
    Russia is not going to stop and Russia has already been using cluster bombs on Ukrainians.
    Do you think a protest in America will get Russia to stop using these bombs?
    Nice idea but a waste of time.
    Rational ideas can not penetrate irrational and greedy minds.

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