Watertown Cable Channels Going Off Air During Move

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The following announcement was provided by Watertown Cable Access TV:

WCA-TV channels will be off air from August 22 through August 25, 2023. What this means is that their channels will be down on cable as well as online through their Video on Demand (VOD) service.

This is a planned outage due to WCA-TV’s relocation to the Phillips Administration Building at 30 Common St. While we will not be running programming 24/7 on cable or on demand during this time, any and all scheduled live programming will be streamed on our website at wcatv.org/government. Please keep an eye out on WCA-TV’s social media pages, newsletter, and website for up to date information regarding off air time. In the event our channels experience shortened or extended down time, we will let everyone know on those platforms.

Please note that WCA-TV on demand services will also be down, which means there will be no access to recorded meetings or programs. If you need to view a program, please email info@wcatv.org to request a copy.

To all residents: please do not report outages to your cable providers during this period, unless you experience issues outside of WCA-TV channels.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please contact WCA-TV Executive Director Andrea Santopietro by phone at 617-923-8610 or by email at andreas@wcatv.org.

The City of Watertown added:

Any meetings happening that week, with the exception of School Committee, will be live streamed through YouTube and Facebook Live, and will also be embedded to the following page on their website: wcatv.org/government. They are already in the process of reaching out to any affected committees and boards, but if anyone has specific questions or concerns, please let them know. They strongly recommend not scheduling any other live meetings for that week if it can be avoided.

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