RetroFan Magazine Features Piece by Watertown Man on His Love for Popeye the Sailor

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Watertown’s Fred Grandinetti wrote about his love of Popeye the Sailor in RetroFan Magazine.

Watertown resident, Fred M. Grandinetti , was profiled in RetroFan Magazine published by Tomorrow Publishing. He was billed as a Popeye Super Collector in the publications’ 28th issue. Grandinetti wrote the article titled, Popeye and Me.

The colorful feature covered how he discovered the sailor man as a child. Additionally, it discusses his writing about Popeye’s career and rallying the fanbase to keep him visible. 

“It was quite an honor to be asked to be featured in this magazine.  I honestly became a bit emotional writing it,” Grandinetti said. “I stepped back and realized how much had been done, on my part, to keep Popeye visible. Someone has to be the Popeyed Pied Piper! Arf! Arf!”

Fred Grandinetti, in 1967, holding the talking Popeye doll given to him by his father, Dominic. (Courtesy Photo)

Grandinetti’s efforts included keeping The Popeye Show, an anthology series, in production for three years. It originally aired on the Cartoon Network. His public relations’ efforts helped the spinach-eater’s early animated adventures finally be released on DVD.

“The Popeye Show was a big deal. It was the first time the black and white cartoons were shown on television with their original opening and closing credits,” Grandinetti said. “The Cartoon Network had a phobia airing B&W cartoons in prime-time. They debuted the show at 1:30 a.m., Mondays. You know, 13 episodes and gone. I wasn’t going to let that happen. Too classy a show.”

Find out more about The Popeye Show

Clips of the programs are on YouTube, and one is available on Grandinetti’s Facebook page:

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