Watertown Art Gallery’s Show Features Artists’ Sketchbooks

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The following announcement was provided by Storefront Art Projects:

Storefront Art Projects, 83 Spring St., Watertown, MA is pleased to present: Thinking made Visible | Artists’ Sketchbooks. Curated by Antoinette Winters.

Thinking Made Visible features the sketchbooks (and work) of Nina Bellucci, Amy Caliri, John Guthrie, Steve Imrich, Boriana Kantcheva, Michele L’Heureux, Robert Minichiello, Abbie Read, Ellen Wineberg, and Antoinette Winters. These artists share their creative process and the exploration, and experimentation occurring in their sketchbooks that frequently leads to finished artwork.

Abbie Read’s sketchbook. (Courtesy of Storefront Art Projects)

The sketchbook is a versatile and personal tool. Without adhering to strict rules or conventions, it becomes a visual journal and a keepsake of life experiences. It is a private space where artists freely express themselves, document the world around them, and develop new ideas.

John Guthrie’s work will be on display at Storefront Art Projects on Spring Street. (Courtesy of Storefront Art Projects)

Demonstrating the infinite possibilities that a sketchbook can offer, Thinking Made Visible celebrates ten different artistic perspectives and invites viewers to appreciate the role sketchbooks can play in the artist’s journey.

An artist’s sketchbook with the work of Michelle L’Heureux. (Courtesy of Storefront Art Projects)

Oct. 28 – December 16, 2023

Opening Reception, Saturday October 28, 1 – 4

Gallery Hours Thursdays and Saturdays 1 – 4



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