Watertown’s New Chief Financial Officer Appointed by City Manager

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Ari Sky has been named Watertown’s Chief Financial Officer.

The following announcement was provided by the City of Watertown:

City Manager George J. Proakis is pleased to announce the appointment of Ari J. Sky as Watertown’s new Chief Financial Officer effective February 5, 2024.

Mr. Sky most recently served as the Town Administrator for the Town of Lakeville. As the Town’s chief administrative officer, Mr. Sky provided strategic and operational direction to the organization, administered the Town’s personnel systems, coordinated communications with the various boards and commissions, oversaw procurement activities and the annual operating and capital budget processes and provided advice and support to the Select Board. Over the course of Mr. Sky’s tenure, he facilitated the development of new processes and recruited key staff to enhance the organization’s ability to respond to growing challenges and to define and maintain a commitment to the Town’s core principles.

Prior to that, Mr. Sky worked as the Chief Financial Officer for the City of New Bedford. His responsibilities included oversight of the City’s business operations and management of New Bedford’s operating and capital budgets. In addition, he managed the City’s strategic planning activities, long-range financial planning and performance measurement, and provided advice and support for the City’s elected officials. As the first dedicated CFO in the City’s history, Mr. Sky played a central role in developing presentations for the major bond rating agencies, which resulted in the elevation of New Bedford’s bond rating to its highest level in at least 40 years, and in facilitating economic growth through the implementation of various incentive programs.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Sky worked as the Director of Management and Budget in Fauquier County, Virginia, the Budget Officer for Loudoun County, Virginia, and the Borough Manager in Yeadon, Pennsylvania. His career path provided him with an extensive background in executive management, project management, economic development, analysis, labor relations, finance and intergovernmental relations.

Mr. Sky holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brandeis University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the American University. Mr. Sky was a member of the Fiscal Policy Committee for the Massachusetts Municipal Association and a member of the executive board for the New England States Government Finance Association. He has also been a member of the national Government Finance Officers’ Association since 1997, having served as a member of the Committee on Governmental Budgeting & Fiscal Policy, the Committee on Retirement & Benefits Administration, and the Committee on Economic Development and Capital Planning.

“I look forward to having Ari Sky join our leadership team in Watertown. Ari’s strengths in building and managing budgets will allow the City to continue ensuring that we are prudent and efficient in expending our funds to provide the best services to our residents and community stakeholders. Watertown already has very strong financial management practices, thanks to the leadership of the City Council and our existing finance and auditing team. With Ari Sky leading the finance department, I am confident that Watertown will have even more opportunities to build financial systems that are innovative, transparent and supportive of the City’s priorities.”

5 thoughts on “Watertown’s New Chief Financial Officer Appointed by City Manager

  1. The city manager is embellishing his resume with new hires and attractive new projects. Don’t think otherwise. He’ll be gone within 3 years.

    • Agree 100%. Can’t wait to see who our less than impressive Town Council selects next.
      This hire, like other recents, does not feel like a good fit for our TOWN.

      • There is no Town Council. There is a City Council. And they didn’t hire the CFO. The City Manager did. A highly qualified & talented candidate is not a fit for Watertown?

    • So the City Manager should not hire qualified and talented managers? I’m at a loss here as to what you think is the reasonable alternative!

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