Closing Reception for Watertown’s Edible Plants Project, Opening Soon at New Location

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Edible Plants, Watertown’ a long-term interdisciplinary project that promotes awareness of our local environment through visual art and writing, will have a closing reception on Jan. 13, and will open at a new location on Jan. 26.

The Watertown Public Arts & Culture Committee provided the following information:

Edible Plants Closing Reception at TILL Wave Gallery

Saturday, January 13, 2-4 PM

TILL Wave Gallery
264 Arlington Street, Watertown, MA 02472

Join us for the closing reception of Edible Plants at the TILL Wave Gallery before the show moves to the Mosesian Center for the Arts. Enjoy readings by Jordan Escobar, Patrick Fairbairn, and Ruth Henry with music by Justin Ouellette.

Learn more about the TILL Wave Gallery

Edible Plants will be on view at the Mosesian Center for the Arts from January 26 through March 8.

Thursday, March 7, 7-9 PM

Mosesian Center for the Arts
321 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA 02472

Save the date! Join us for the closing reception of Edible Plants and enjoy lively conversation with artists, writers, and community members, and bid on your favorite work. Stay tuned for more information.

The Watertown Public Arts & Culture Committee is pleased to launch Edible Watertown, a long-term interdisciplinary project that promotes awareness of our local environment through community engagement and the artistic and scientific exploration of plants native to Watertown. Edible Watertown aims to uplift the importance of native flora and their ecosystems to connect people with the environment right outside their door. The community connections created by this local movement, in response to the global issue of climate change, will encourage us all to be better stewards of the environment and increase recognition of the known natural gifts in our community.

DISCLAIMER: The Public Arts & Culture Committee and the City of Watertown do not recommend or endorse individuals eating the plants referred to in this project without consulting an expert.

Edible Plants Artists

Now retitled “Edible Plants”, the second iteration of Plants of Our Past invites writers and visual artists to create work about ten more species of local wildly growing plants that are edible. Congratulations to our twenty participants:

1. Patrick Fairbairn – Comfrey
2. Lisa Jeanne Graf – Comfrey
3. Jennifer Tucker – Milkweed
4. Eran Hornick – Milkweed
5. Jason Fiering – Mullein
6. Suzanne Berne – Mullein
7. Daisy Hebb – Pokeweed
8. Jordan Escobar – Pokeweed
9. Leslie Evans – Prickly Wild Rose
10. Robert Bensen – Prickly Wild Rose
11. Samara Pearlstein – Red Clover
12. JennyMae Kho – Red Clover
13. Sebastian Ebarb – Shagbark Hickory
14. Ruth Henry – Shagbark Hickory
15. Lina Fernandez Diosa – Spicebush
16. Jake Tringali – Spicebush
17. Paul Beckingham – Trumpet Honeysuckle
18. Shawn Connors – Trumpet Honeysuckle
19. Erika Schwarz – White Yarrow
20. Patti Cassidy – White Yarrow

See and read their work: Edible Plants 2023 Catalog (PDF)

View the Panel Discussion: Edible Plants 2023 Panel Discussion (YouTube)

Learn more about Edible Watertown

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