Find Out How to Participate in YardArt 2024, Watertown’s Townwide Art Exhibit

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YardArt is back this April, 2024!

See the announcement provided by YardArt below:

Start thinking about what you will create this year. Get your friends and neighbors to join in the fun. Stay tuned for registration details in February. More examples on our website.

What is YardArt?

YardArt Watertown is a community-wide annual celebration of creativity and fun in front yards all over Watertown. All residents, families, organizations, clubs, classes, artists, and businesses are invited to create something to be viewed from the street or sidewalk. It can be an assemblage, a sculpture, an art project, a lighting arrangement — let your imagination run free!

Installations will be on display the entire month of April.

How do I participate?

Get Inspired and Spread the Word

Look at previous YardArt projects on our website, Facebook group or Instagram.

Encourage your friends and neighbors to participate. Spread the news about this fun community event.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @yardartwatertown so we can expand our audience.

Start Planning and Sign Up (registration opens in February)

Figure out where your project will go. A porch, window or other outdoor space will all work as long as your project is visible from the street.

Make sure your design can withstand the weather.

Register so we know you’re planning to participate.

We’ll be in contact about YardArt stuff.

Start Creating

Make use of the the Watertown Public Library Hatch Makerspace.

Some folks start creating inside and then bring their projects outside.

Pick up your YardArt yard sign at the end of March so people know you’re a part of the community event.

Get your installation up by Monday, April 1st (if possible).

Send in a photo of your YardArt to have your location be added to our map.

Celebrate YardArt in April

Take a tour of the YardArt creations on foot, by bike or in your car.

Enjoy homegrown community creativity.

Celebrate your creativity at a YardArt reception at the Mosesian (April date to be announced). All participants will be invited.

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