LETTER: Watertown Educators Call for Emergency Protocol Training Following Third False Intruder Alert

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The following is a letter signed by 50 Cunniff families and more than a dozen additional community members in response to the third false alarm of the intruder alert at the Cunniff since the new building opened. 

January 14, 2024

In the aftermath of an accidental activation of the intruder alert at Cunniff last week, we want to publicly share our support for the heroism, leadership, compassion, and professionalism that our teachers demonstrated during this crisis. Thank you for prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our children and for the countless ways that you support them every day.

The district has released information about physical safeguards being installed to prevent another false alarm. Last week’s incident was the third occurrence during school hours since the opening of the new Cunniff.

Watertown Educators shared via Facebook that Cunniff Educators have asked for emergency protocol trainings since moving into the new building. The signers of this letter are calling for immediate action by Watertown Public Schools district leadership and Watertown School Committee to ensure this need be met. In order for the safety of students and staff to be considered of the utmost importance to the district, it is vital that all educators and staff members feel supported and prepared to take the most efficient steps possible to protect our children and themselves in any emergency situation. 

Following submission of this letter, WEA has stated that they feel confident in the district’s responses to their concerns.

Signed (alphabetically),

Shannon Alexis

Hugo Arcentales

Tina Arcentales

Annamarie Sorrentino-Brady

Natasha Brown

Susanne Brueggeman

Melissa Butler

Karen Centola

Jill Collins

Rikki Connors

Bevin Croft

Valerie Davila

Jacqui Dyer

Scott Dyer

Stephanie Fagnani

Krysten Fishwick

Amanda Girginis

Emily Green

Kris Gozbekian

Paul Gozbekian

Bethany Grazio

Rebecca Guarente

Claudia Hall

Mike Hamilton

Katelyn Harrington

Laura Judd

Sara Keary

Jimmy Keefe

Julie Kong

Vihann Kong

Jbid Kostikian

Desie Law

Malora Lewis

Ryan Lewis

Nicole Magni

Courtney Maguire

Rebecca Menton

Keren Montoya

Joseph Moylan

Mary Moylan

Allison Murfin-Moyer

Jennifer Nicholson

Jamie Paul

Randy Porter

Kristine Pugliese

Nick Quaranto

Latisha Raines

Christine Sanchez

Corinne Segreve

Steven Segreve

Cindy St. Clair

Jason St. Clair

Juan Tirado

Rachael Tirado

Amanda Q Schulte

Teresa Souliotis

Kitty Stirling

Will Stirling

Heather V Smith

Mary Truscott

Jenae Van Orden

Alexis Uremovich

Karen Ziminski

Sarah Zoen

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