Celebration of Black Artists at Watertown Fitness Studio

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The following announcement was provided by Fly Together Fitness:

Fly Together Fitness is thrilled to partner with Watertown resident Phil Gordon and Joey’s Home Entertainment to bring you Art In Motion at Fly Together Fitness’ Watertown Studio (100 Parker St., Watertown)

At Fly Together Fitness we believe in supporting community initiatives and doing our part in building platforms to empower creative individuals. Whether your self expression is visual, physical, or aural you are welcome to show up as your authentic self and know that there is space for you. Because TOGETHER anything is possible. 

The goal of Art In Motion is to provide a platform to highlight Boston-metro Black creatives in music, visual art, artisan production, apparel and hospitality through curated event experiences at inclusive community spaces. Art in Motion aims to address the lack of historic and regional opportunities for local Black creatives to grow their careers while capturing opportunities to bridge diverse networks and create new relationships between artists and community members around the Greater Boston area.

* Tickets sales go towards compensating the artists for their time, (which is not a traditional model but one that we believe is fair and should be standard) we encourage you to select the ticket tier you are most comfortable with.

For tickets and more information: https://momence.com/s/97966681

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