LETTER: Vote on Tuesday, March 5 – Participate in Democracy

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Every four years, this year on Tuesday, March 5th, United States citizens will exercise their right to vote for the candidate of their choice in the Presidential Primary Elections.Take the initiative to make a difference by casting your ballot; whether by mail; early voting process; or in person.

On the Democratic ballot, the electorate will also vote their preference for the offices of Democratic State Committee Man and Woman. A slate of 35 candidates, also needs your support to serve on the Democratic Town Committee. Either vote for individuals, or the entire group.The Town Committee works to promote the objectives of the Democratic Party. 

To the surprise of many; names come and go from the roster of candidates, listed on the ballot for the Democratic Town Committee. To note: quasi term-limits do exist in some elected positions.

The Mass. Democratic State Committee states as follows:

Once someone has served on your committee for 20 years, they are able to remain on your committee without counting against your total allotment — i.e., they remain on the committee, but you can fill their slot with a new person as well. These folks are sometimes called “Lifetime Members” or “20 Year Members,” but their voting status is just the same as regular members. This is done so that seats can open up regularly for new people, while continuing to include and honor longtime members. It lets in the new, without excluding the old.”

Like so many before me; I have joined the ranks of “Lifetime Member” or “20 Year Member” of the Watertown Democratic Town Committee. I was first elected in 2004, after serving for many years as an Associate Member.

Thank you to the city-wide Democrats, who for 20 years have consistently supported my election to the top 20% of the Committee slate. I will always value and appreciate your votes of endorsement. I look forward to many more years of political engagement. 


Angeline Maria B. Kounelis
Retired District A, East End, City Councilor
Landline: 617-926-2352
Mobile: 617-538-9252

One thought on “LETTER: Vote on Tuesday, March 5 – Participate in Democracy

  1. Voting is a right and a privilege that I will never take for granted. It is also a responsibility. I wish as a country we would go the way of Australia and require all citizens to vote. Australia implemented compulsory voting in 1924 resulting in 89 to 90% of eligible voters showing up at the polls. Voting takes place on a Saturday. Reportedly the reason that Americans who did not vote in the 2022 US election was busy schedules and not having enough time. This, despite the fact that employers are encouraged to allow flexibility on voting days. Please exercise your right to vote!

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