Watertown Community Foundation Reduced Barriers to Playing Youth Sports

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The following announcement was provided by the Watertown Community Foundation:

For the fourth year, the Watertown Community Foundation has provided financial support to Watertown’s youth sports leagues so any child can participate, regardless of ability to pay. With support from The Bilezikian Family Foundation, NESN, and Arsenal Yards, the Foundation awarded a total of $9,000. Grantees include Watertown’s Challenger Baseball Program, Youth Baseball and Softball Program, Youth Basketball Program, Youth Football and Cheer Program, and Youth Hockey. Summer registration is currently open for many of these programs.

For families in need, youth sports league registration fees can be an insurmountable barrier. In the 2024 season WCF’s youth sport grants will cover fees for up to 60 families with children who would like to play, enabling participation regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

“The kids who participate in our basketball programs learn skills that go beyond the court. They learn to be a good teammate, to be open to learning new things, and about the importance of being a member of a community. These valuable lessons can help support them throughout their lives.,” said Gregg Macomber, Treasurer/Vice President of the Watertown Youth Basketball Association.

“Watertown youth sports leagues are about so much more than just playing games – although that alone is a great reason to join a team. By introducing kids and families from different parts of the city, the leagues help to build a strong and vibrant “One Watertown” community that benefits us all,” said WCF co-president Mary Ann Mulligan.

“Eliminating financial barriers for youth who want to participate in team sports speaks to our core value of using funds to meet the needs of the Watertown community,” said Executive Director Tia Tilson. “We know that regular physical activity has many physical, mental, and emotional benefits for kids. It helps them stay focused in and out of school, gives them practice at working together, and starts them on healthy habits which can protect them for a lifetime.”

The Watertown Community Foundation works to build and sustain a vibrant, close-knit community in Watertown – now, and for future generations. Since 2003, WCF has awarded more than $3,000,000 in grants to address local needs to make positive change in the lives of people who live and work in Watertown. With financial support from the Watertown community, we partner with non-profits to help end food insecurity, keep people housed, educate kids, lift-up the arts, and break down barriers to bring people together. See our list of grantees here. https://www.watertownfoundation.org/grants

WCF Board of Directors: Lauren Coughlin Unsworth and Mary Ann Mulligan, Co-Presidents; Albrik Avanessian; Emily Barclay; Ninos Hanna; Eileen Hsü-Balzer; Heather Leary; Jennifer Nicholson, Anthony Paolillo; Leah Pennino, Lora Sabin; Robert Shay; David Siegel; Felicia Sullivan; and Donna Tuccinardi

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