LETTER: Resident Seeks Help Recovering Lost Items

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Dear Watertown MA News,

Please see the attachment (at bottom) and brief summary regarding a recent incident at 48 Bridge street in Watertown, Ma 02472 In May 2024. I am avidly looking to recover these items, and asking for help if anything has showed up? Thank you for your service in the community of victims suffering loss to theft.


My items were placed at the outside walkway of 48 Bridge St., Watertown, MA 02472 momentarily on the morning of Thursday, May 16, 2024 around 9:45 a.m.

Unfortunately I was brought to Mt. Auburn Hospital in an ambulance and my property was left at the strangers outside walkway by accident. I returned back to the location same day around 9 p.m. and there was no trace whatsoever of where my belongings could be. I spoke to the home occupant personally as well as her sister-in-Law and both denied seeing anything of what I described.

I require my property be returned for obvious reasons, however my W-2s were in there as well as personal files tax information, a copy of my Massachusetts DPL licensure, my child’s ultrasound pics, and a variety of other important papers all listed with my name and address on it. 20 forms or more. It would be fairly easy to track me down at time of finding such items. I have medical papers in there and other physician information.

I can’t imagine someone throwing it out or stealing such items other than the electronics. Police were present that day and I informed them I had items I needed from that address before ambulance took off. My hopes were an officer retrieved them In My absence and filed them at the Police personal property dept. Nothing has been returned with them though. I’m very upset about this loss during an already stressful time within my families life. 

Please call or email me at awning_raven_0p@icloud.com or 781-790-9394 if found. I can discuss a small restitution to the person whom finds and returns  mine and my sister and items

Kind regards,
Jasmine Corbett
Watertown Resident

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