LETTER: Resident Seeks Help Recovering Lost Items

Dear Watertown MA News,

Please see the attachment (at bottom) and brief summary regarding a recent incident at 48 Bridge street in Watertown, Ma 02472 In May 2024. I am avidly looking to recover these items, and asking for help if anything has showed up? Thank you for your service in the community of victims suffering loss to theft. SUMMARY:

My items were placed at the outside walkway of 48 Bridge St., Watertown, MA 02472 momentarily on the morning of Thursday, May 16, 2024 around 9:45 a.m.

Unfortunately I was brought to Mt. Auburn Hospital in an ambulance and my property was left at the strangers outside walkway by accident.

LETTER: Green Infrastructure Must be Part of the Watertown Square Area Plan

The following letter was submitted to be read at the June 13, 2024 Watertown Square Area Plan meeting:

Dear Vincent, Watertown Planning Board, and Watertown City Council:

I am sorry I cannot attend in person this evening, so I hope that this can go on the Public record as my comment:


First, I just want to say that I have been excited to hear about the plans for Watertown Square to develop the area — much-needed improvements in public transportation, walkability, bike-ability, drive-ability, housing, local businesses, and our community as a whole, and I can say that the people of Watertown have very much appreciated your including the residents in the planning process. We have had the chance to voice our concerns, and we are grateful for that. 

Thank you to all of those who are working to make this the best plan for Watertown. I realize there is momentum to give the plan a GREEN light. However, please hear me out when I say tonight that I think that as good as this plan is, there is still a huge, critical piece that is missing and a means to make this plan much better for the future of Watertown. I hope that with my speaking up tonight, members of the Planning Board and City Council, and hopefully also any residents of Watertown who are listening, will consider taking the necessary steps to further optimize the plan to encompass that which is missing: 

Urban Ecological Planning and Living Green Infrastructure.

Latest Draft of Watertown Square Area Plan Has Some Changes, More Detail

Public Weighed-in on Proposal at Thursday’s Meeting, No Vote Taken

City Manager George Proakis presents the Watertown Square Area Plan draft to the Planning Board and City Council on Thursday night at Watertown Middle School. (Photo by Charlie Breitrose)

City officials presented the latest draft of the Watertown Square Area Plan to the public on Thursday night, but the City Council and Planning Board did not take a vote on the proposal. They will reconvene in two weeks to continue discussing the report. At the meeting held at Watertown Middle School, City Manager George Proakis said even when the draft is approved, it will not be the end of the process. Rather, he paraphrased a Winston Churchill quote from World War II,

“I actually think we are at the end of the beginning of this process by handing you over a plan,” Proakis said.

LETTER: East End Resident Says Streets Have Become Cut Throughs

Good day,

We have become the new cut through streets to Cambridge. Because Cambridge made a mess of their part of Belmont Street it has caused drivers to cut through our five East End streets: Prentiss, Keenan, Brimmer, Francis and St. Mary’s. 

Many times these people come down our streets at a high rate of speed. Speaking to some of our neighbors we think that speed bumps should be put in. I tried to contact the Town or City manager about this issue with no reply.

Watertown Cable Running Youth Film Camp this Summer

The following announcement was provide by Watertown Cable Access TV:

WCA-TV is excited to announce their two week Youth Film Camp taking place this July! Aspiring directors, filmmakers, editors, and actors will learn the building blocks to create their own film project. Students will learn the planning, technical, and editing skills to create a project of their choice. This camp is free of charge to all students thanks to a generous grant from the Watertown Cultural Council. It is open to Watertown residents, or students enrolled at a school located in Watertown, between the ages 9-17.

Watertown Farmers Market Opens for 11th Season – 6 New Vendors, Special Events Planned

Shoppers browse the vendors at the Watertown Farmers Market on opening day for the 2024 season. (Photo by Charlie Breitrose)

Shoppers waited eagerly at Saltonstall Park to get their hands on fresh produce, baked goods, crepes, fish, meat and more on Wednesday afternoon. With the ring of a bell by City Manager George Proakis, the Watertown Farmers Market’s 2024 season opened. This year marks the 11th for the Watertown Farmers Market. “I want to welcome you to another season of the Watertown Farmers Market,” Proakis said.