Deadline for Choosing Electricity Plan Approaching for Watertown Residents

Town residents have received information about Watertown Electricity Choice in the mail, online and other modes, but many people have questions about the new electricity program. Monday, Aug. 12 is the deadline for Watertown residents to choose one of the new electricity plans being offered by the town as part of the Electricity Choice program. However, Watertown Energy Manager Ed Lewis stressed that residents can change their plans anytime, with no fee for changing. Lewis has been fielding calls, and doing informational sessions to answer resident’s questions about the Watertown’s electricity plan.

Council OKs New Green Electricity Plan for All Watertown Customers with Small Savings

More solar-generated energy will be included in the electricity received by Watertown customers. Tuesday night, the Town Council cleared the way for the Town to negotiate “green” electrical contract for all residents and many business customers that will have a small savings, and will include a much larger portion generated by renewable methods. The new Community Choice Aggregation program will be an opt-out program, into which all residents, small businesses and organizations will be enrolled automatically. The goal is to have 50 percent of the energy generated by renewable sources (such as solar, wind generated and hydro), and the rate will result in an estimated savings of $7 a year, said Watertown Energy Manager and Facilities Project Manager Ed Lewis. Watertown customers will have the option of opting for a basic rate (which includes the state required amount of renewable energy), for a plan with electricity from 100 percent renewable sources, or to opt out of the program completely.